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Weekend Of Hiking


Hey, I know it’s been a while since I last updated, but I just haven’t been in the mood.

Things have been good.. This weekend I went hiking with Jason and Austin, Saturday was Eaton Canyon Falls and then Sunday Jason and I went hiking in Abalone Cove. Which was REALLY cool, tons of star fish and stuff. I can’t wait to get the pics from Jason. (All the pics were LOST!!! OHhhhh nnoooooo. I’m gonna cry. :'( There were some REALLY good pics there)

I forgot to write about the best part of the weekend too… As we were leaving we heard something rustling in the bushes.. And we all stopped and I said. “I’ll go flush it out”.. and I did JUST that… It was a huge buck with a nice rack. 🙂

Friday I was suppose to hang out with Ryan again. He called me at 6:30 and confirmed, said he had some stuff to do, but that he had a movie for us to watch and would call me a bit later. Well 8:30 rolls around, so I txt him and he said he’s almost done.. Then nothing, nothing, nothing! He never called back. I txted him at like 11:30, and he never replied! Greg called too, but I turned him down because I was expecting Ryan to come over.. ASSSSS! UGH!

I’m very sick of this shit. TRYING to be friends with people who just don’t even give a shit. Di, Ryan, Carlito, etc. Everytime I call them to hang out they are just too fucking busy. I try planning things with them and they cancell or just don’t show up. So fucking sick of it!

This guy from work e-mailed me a ton of cool sounding things to do on the weekends, I really have to try and get some of those done.

I’m thinking of hitting up Yosemite sometime in June of next year, anyone wanna go?

Check out this cool website: PhoneSpell.. My phone number is: “bay-watch”.. So call me! 🙂

Nothing else really. Bubye.

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I know what you mean about them not returning a message. This guy I do stuff with sometimes is the same way. I test him or call and he never returns my call.

But when he wants me to ride with him, then he is there. I know he is using me, but I am stupid as usual. He is cute and straight (could be bi).

The Rialto is a real cool theatre….with absolutely terrible sound and projection. But lots of promise if someone will fix it up.

I’ll give you my comments about that movie after you’ve seen it. I went to the opening at hte Nuart a week or two ago and the director was there. Interesting guy.

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