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Gays And BackFat


Took me an HOUR to go 12 miles! Yes, 12 fucking miles took an HOUR, and this was at 2:30pm! WTF?!

I feel like shit.

BBQ on Friday. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I’ll be happy to have a group of people here. Scared because I’m always affraid I’ll end up like MTM and through bad parties. So far 8 people have RSVPed… with a possible 9 & 10. So that’s good. Call me if you want to come!

Gym tonight. My arm is hurting like a mofo. I got caught staring at hot straight boys (they kept checking themselves out in the mirror and flexing and pulling the shirts up. How could I not look!) And then they started talking “beating up faggots in the bathroom”. Ugh.

Clock nearly done.. only 3 more led’s to put in. So far we’ve put in over 250 feet of wiring! I met an EE homo that works like 2 hours away from here, goes to SD all the time. So he said next weekend he can stop by and help. I’m still hoping for the UCI bitch. But he’s being an asshole.


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That video was Hilarious! That guy dancing towards the end really funny.

You know though, some straight people would believe that video. And that is sad.

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