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EDIT://OK, I’ve had a few people IM me asking why I hated it so much… it’s beacuse it sounds like his fucking voice is cracking during the song… It’s just annoying…. Also, why do they bleep out ‘god damn’ on the radio, but not on TV? Very stupid if you ask me.. Fucking FCC.

So the other day when I was painting, I acidentialy stepped on the claw of my hammer… I also had some paint on my foot, so I didn’t see anything when I looked, but it sure hurt like a mofo… Well today I was looking at my foot and there’s a HUGE gash where the claw dug into my foot.. it hurts…

And I know this is really old news, but it’s sad that Steve Irwin is dead. 🙁 I thought that man was indistructable! As sick as this sounds, I really want to see the video..

Speaking of videos. I watched the VMA’s the other night, just fast forwarded through to the performances I wanted to see. Well one band I wanted to see was Panic! at the Disco. Let me just say that was one HORRIBLE performance.

Compare the above to the below (which is the music video):

Clearly much better singing, etc… Ugh. BTW, what the fuck is this song really about anyways!?!

The check engine light went out on my car! Yay!

Jason and I did 30 miles again yesterday, that was pretty good. I keep inviting Di to come out with us, but he’s a normal LA flake, god damn it.

Leave for Vegas Friday! I’m SOOO FUCKING excited! Woot!

Michael Moore & Fred Phelps:

Ohhh, You gotta love that crazy Moore!

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You’re that smart and can’t figure out what the song is about?

Are you serious?

Infidelity on the eve of a wedding.

lol… well I did get that much, but I just really think it’s so wierd… Are they celebrating that the bride is a whore, because now they aren’t getting married, or what!?

It’s pretty much just about the reaction of finding out the bride’s cheating right before the wedding. The whole “toast” saying “technically our marriage is saved” is just their way of saying “well at least it’s good that it happened before we got married so at least i know not to marry such a whore”

Ahhh. I get it… I guess I was just trying to read more into it then that… Being that they are from vegas I should have guessed. lol. Thanks!

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