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I hate being single!!

Ugh! I hate long weekends… I never have anything to do.

Friday was work, which was fine. After that I went over to Chapman and hung out with Andrew for a while. I fell asleep, left there at 6 and headed over to JP’s place for the comany thing. That was lots of fun. JP had this HUGE BBQ thing, and I love his house. It was a bit awk though cause I was the only single person there.. and nearly EVERYONE had children!

We made really pornographic desert things… It was SO FUNNY. I could not see JP making those on a BSA outing, all those teenage boys. OMG. In the end it was a lot of fun though. I left a bit after nine and came home and went to bed at like 2ish.

Saturday I got up kinda early and started work on cutting out the board for the cover to my clock… I had gone out and spent $60 on a damn router attachement for my Dremel.. The board I was cutting was only 3/16″, so I figured it could handle that.. Not at all. I called JP and asked him if I could just borrow his router, he said he had stuff to do as well and to just come down I could do it there.. Ended up spending anouther 4 hours at his house, left a bit after 9ish and was going to go out with this guy, but I was just SO TIRED.

Sunday I put the first coat of paint on the thing and then went out to lunch with Mike. We had a good time, I showed him around the area. Then we went and test drove an Acura TSX. OMG, I LOVE this car! Amazing… I couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.. AND EVERYTHING you could possibly want comes standard! Why have I not driven this car before.

Speaking of cars, the Check engine light came on in mine on Friday. Damn thing. 🙁

After that I drove up to Santa Monica and met up with this guy Dan.. He was really nice and very cute, but SOOOO Quiet, like I kept trying to find things to talk about and it was all just a dead end. Ugh. I dunno. Only spent an hour with him then came home and invited this guy Ryan over… He used to work at HMarys and Robert actually gave him his phone number once… lol. Funny times. Anyways, we watched Carrie and then The Cell. Ended up going to bed at like 4am.. He stayed and cuddled with me. It was nice. 🙂

We got up about 11ish Monday and he left. I made breakfast and then put the second coat of paint on the thing. I’ll probalby just spend the rest of the day sitting in my apartment. 🙁

I’m really sad about this weekend, although I was busy.. it just annoys me that no one ever invites me to go out with them… I always try and make plans with people and they always seem to fall through too. Just very annoying and makes me feel very lonely. Like I’ve been wanting to go out to WeHo for a while, but my “friends” around here never call me when they go. Just stuff like that. And then certian people who I would enjoy hanging out with more, apparently just want to hang out to fuck, and well since I won’t fuck them they won’t hang out…. Do you seriosuly have to put out to even have “friends” around here?

The electronics came on Friday for my clock.. they are not what I was hoping for.. So I’m gonna have to get an EE to help me. I put up a thing on Craigslist and got one reply so far. I’m calling her tomorrow.

Work at 3:30 am again tomorrow. Ugh!

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Things to do this weekend:

There’s a Techine double-feature at LACMA ( There’s a car show and Viva Las Vegas at the Tiki Drive-In in Pomona ( . There’s MidnightRidazz ( on Friday. There’s two gallery openings in Culver City ( There’s the 3D film festival going on at the Egyptian ( ) (my pick: “The Stewardresses” at midnight on Saturday). There’s the Tamale Festival ( And then there’s always the weekly movie in the cemetery ( )

Best best to meet new people is that MidnightRidazz I think. I’m sure you’ll meet plenty of people who don’t want to fuck you — the opposite may not be true!

Haha.. thanks man! I’ll check those things out online, but i’m out of town this weekend.

Usually my problem isn’t finding things to do, it’s finding people to do them with! I HATE doing things alone.. I’ve tried, and I always end up standing in a corner alone like a big fat loser. lol.

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