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So I was listening to Dr Laura again the other day… And this guy calls in, he and his mother haven’t talked in years, some big fight about the woman he married or something, blah blah blah.

His mother is dying. He’s calling Dr Laura to ask what he should do. HELLO! What is wrong with you. Get your ass to the fucking hospital and say goodbye to your mother. It doesn’t matter what she did to you in the past. She’s still your god damn mother. The woman who RAISED you and brought you into this world. What is wrong with these people? Seriously!

She now also has a Dr. Laura Action Figure! I know what Kiera’s getting for christmas now! haha.

Then I was watching Trading Spouses on Monday night and they had these two families on. The one was the normal, “my kids are out of control” and the other was the “I lock my kids up at night” type. Every week when I catch parts of this show before heading to bed, I can’t believe that people actually think these are the correct ways to be raising and caring for your children! You do not take your kids BED away from them for messing up. You do not auction off thier toys to the other kids in the house, you don’t let them just run wild in stores, and you don’t let them backtalk to you and walk all over you.

Grow some balls people and parent! Maybe it’s a good idea to make all new parents take parenting classes!

So the project I’ve been working on since Friday. I handed over Round 1 Mockups to the CEO early yesterday afternoon. His reply…. “Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!”. God I love that feeling! Then he had 6 very minor (as in it’ll take 5 minutes to do them all) changes. So round 1 goes back to the Business Logic people Wed-AM (a full WEEK early!). Hopefully we can be working on round three by the deadline for round 1 comes along.

I’m eating out way too much and not working out enough! Yesterday I went out on a bike ride and the tire blew out like a mile away from my house. I had JUST used up the last of my CO2, so I didn’t have anything to refil the new tube with. So no bike ride. 🙁 Today I’ve got a meeting with the EE, and then dinner with Bryan. So probably no time to work out tonight. Then tomorrow I am working in Newport, lunch with Robert and dinner with Austin. Friday or Saturday I’m hanging out with Chiba again, so we’ll probably go out to dinner or something. And Sunday is biking day, and best of all about that is I FINALLY have a new Jersey, so I don’t be wearing the same one that I have been for months! lol.

I was introduced to this really cool Guerrilla Gay Bar Los Angeles. It’s like a Gay FlashMob. Sounds like fun. I think I may try it out this Friday as well.


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  1. Haha parenting classes. I said that when I become president I would appoint Dr. Karen Sternheimer as Secretary of Child Development for my cabinet. She would develop parenting classes all over the country that would be mandated for all citizens wishing to bear children. Its high time we enact all the rules and regulation for parents who want to adopt on parents who have their own children. I was even going to be so evil as to delay the discharge of a mother and baby from the hospital until she and whomever would be around the baby completed the course.

    GGB is AWESOME! Last month is was like 5 minutes from my apt and was Film Noir themed… SO hott!

  2. wow I love the new layout! anyway i’ve been eating out a lot too and not exercising at all =\ thank god my mum is here to steer me away from mcdonald’s etc.

  3. Haha. thanks Phil! There’s still some stuff to work out. But I’m liking it a lot so far.

    Why is your mum still here? How long is she staying!?!?

  4. what are you talking about? it’s perfect!

    as for my mum, she arrived last week and will be here for 5 months! i guess i have to give up porn for a few months >.

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