Ohh. The days of AOL..

Oh, how I remember the days of AOL chat rooms:

How’s everyone like the new Theme? Still some work to do on it. I’m thinking of adding another layer/color to under each post.

The clock is coming along amazingly! I have the hour sections done now. One of the three boards is completely done, the second is nearly done and should be completed by tonight. The last one only requires a few more things to be 50% done. I’m Soooo happy with the way it’s coming out now. I’ll probably spend part of saturday trying to come up with a way to mount the boards so they aren’t just flopping all over the place. I’ve got pictures and video that I’ll post when it’s all done!

I’m trying to get a group of people together to go out tonight, the group that I mentioned in the last post is taking over a bar at the Grove, it sounds like tons of fun! But not having very good luck with it. Perhaps I’ll just spend another lonely night home alone with the cats.

Speaking of, this weekend marks my 2 year anniversary with the kitties. At least something in my life lasts!

Talked to my dad today, I’ve got to make an appointment with a realtor while I am back in Iowa. Probably the 21st, I’ve been finding some really good looking places in WDM, Waukee, etc. So yeah, we’ll be looking at those.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out management situations. I figure I can do the management from here, and just hire someone when I need a movein/out situation. But I’m not sure. That means that I’d still be on for any emergencies, etc. So I started looking into full time PMs today, 10% cut for most of them, plus expenses. We’ll see what comes of it. I did a google search for “pre-approved loans” and the first site that came up with Jay’s company. Wouldn’t it be funny if I applied and got him as my guy. lol. Not really, but whatever.

I went biking yesterday. Did a good 35 miles up past Mothers Beach and back. It’s a good thing I bought arm warmers the other day, as they came in very handy. It was 56 by the time I got home.

Haven’t heard from Chiba since Wed… I called him yesterday and txted him but no reply as of yet. Wondering if this is another disappearing boy case. I can’t even keep onto the ones that I’m not 100% into, but at least like enough to see where it goes! UGH! Perhaps he’ll call later.

OH! One of the guys that we ran into last Friday at The Abbey finially contacted me again. That was a wierd conversation. But at least I know he doesn’t hate me! haha.

Ok, adios!

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