I haven’t seen this time…

What a busy busy weekend.

Lets see. So Friday morning I had a meeting with the CEO at 6am. He basically dumped a huge project in my lap. Something another guy had been working on. The CEO wasn’t happy with his layout/colors. So he handed it over to me. We all know that I am NOT a good color picker… Look at the colors on here! So he sent me what the other guy had done. I thought it was pretty damn good. Just a few color things here and there that were pretty bad. But workable over all.

So I spent about 9 hours Friday picking colors, designing layouts, playing with graphics and fonts and all that stuff. Came up with something I’m pretty happy about. I sent an e-mail off to the CEO about 7pm that night asking for intial feedback.

Friday night I went out with Andrew and Chiba. Andrew and I got there about 2 hours before Chiba did, cause he was working. Had a really good time just hanging out at the Abbey and chatting and checking out guys. I saw three people that I really didn’t want to see. And LOTs of hot boys that I would have loved to have talked too.

Chiba got there and we stayed till 2am. After that we went to this pizza place where I ran into another person who was obviously trying to pretend like he didn’t know me. So I made us leave. We ended up at iHop! Yum yum. We were there till about 3:30am and then came home. What a long night! I haven’t seen 4am in a really long time!

Chiba was cute. He’s being very “boyfriendy” already, which I’m not sure if I like or not yet. lol. He’s nice, he’s cute… he’s still in college. (Just starting, he is 23, just moved to the US a year ago…). I see a lot of Jon-Jon in him, not the bad things of Jon-Jon, but the way that he acts towards me. I shall continue to hang out with him and see what happens… But I will also continue going out with other people. I have two tentative dates lined up with some 30-year-olds this week (and I mean, 30), and a second date with Bryan (if we can both fit it in).

So Saturday Andrew and I got up, and the museum that he came here to go to was closed. So we were going to go rent this movie. Movie store didn’t have it. We ended up getting An Inconvenient Truth. It was good, but I wasn’t expecting to just sit there and listen to Al Gore talk for 1.5 hours.

Andrew left, the CEO got back to me with “Looks Great” and then a few very minor wording changes. No graphics, color or layout changes. So that’s excellent news. I really wish I could show it off. But this is a “DL” project. haha. I _love_ the name of it though!

Since I was in a clear design phase, I started working on a new layout for this site. I am LOVING it so far. Just gotta figure out some of the logistics of it. It’s very stolen, but it’s amazing. Let me tell you. Hopefully I can stay in this grove and get it done ASAP.

I just heard from the neighboor that the sex guy upstairs is moving out!

Chiba called and wanted me to come hang out with him. I turned him down and told him maybe Sunday as I was supposed to have a meeting with my EE again. But I never heard back from him in time. So I headed over to Pasadena about 1ish. Got there and Chiba was out playing tennis with some friends, so I tried to find the park and got very lost in the process. Eventually found it and watched them do that.

After that we went out to this Brazilian restaurant. Very yummy food. From there we went back to his place and watched memoirs of a geisha. Very good movie, although I was a bit confused about it all. Probably because we kept making out. hah.

I got home about 10ish and went right to bed.

Today is work work work. And lunch with Jess.

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  1. You should read the Memoirs of a Geisha book. It’s very good, and it will make parts of the movie make more sense. They left a lot out of the movie. Not too much to detour from the overall story line, but there are definitely parts missing that you’ll notice once you’ve read the book.

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