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World AIDS Day…

Hey Everyone, it’s World AIDS Day, a great time to go and donate to the cause and Support ME! For LifeCycle! Thanks to those who have already donated in support!

In other news, today is a day of links and such….

My Aunt, the M&M Lady!. I came across this the other day.

Hung out with this really cute Brazilian boy, Michael, he was nice. We’ll see if we hang out again. Not really my type, at least I don’t think. But he was nice and cool to hang out with. He just started learning English a year ago, so it was hard to understand him at times, but he knows three other languages, which is cool. Based on Austin’s book though, I need to stop disgrading people after only one date/hangout. lol

Keep on Walking!. I hate showing my reciept to Costco, etc. So do what this guy does, just keep on walking!

One picture every day spoof:

Ok, this is SWEET:

I want one in my house!

Tired of the Christmas lights in your area? Go check them out all over the country!

Four Rookie Mistakes People Make That Keep Them Poor

Why Americans Should Never Be Allowed To Travel

50 things everyone should know

Learn a language for free

101 Financial Tips

Make your christmas lights flash to music

And if you’ve e-mailed or called recently. I’m SORRY if I have not yet got back to you. I’m still buried in e-mails and other things from the trip, and I just got a huge project put on me that’s due in two weeks. I was told to have “complete artistic control”… I’m NOT artisitic! Someone help me!

Going to The Abbey tonight. Come and join me!


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“Keep on Walking!. I hate showing my reciept to Costco, etc. So do what this guy does, just keep on walking!”

You do realize that these people are just doing their jobs right? They get in trouble when people do that. Sometimes they get fired. Sure it’s annoying, but do you really want someone to lose their job over it? Is it really such a hardship to show it to them as you walk by? If you hate it so much, call and complain to the corperate headquarters about it. They are the ones that set the policy.

Yes, they are just doing their jobs. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t. And I HIGHLY doubt anyone would get fired for having a customer walk past. They have no right to physicaly hold you there, so the most they can do is ask you for your reciept. If you keep walking, they can’t do anything except for call the cops.

It’s not a hard ship, but as the article states, it does waste a LOT of time at places like costco.. I had to stand in that damn line for an HOUR once. This is AFTER I had already waited an hour in line to check out. 2 hours just to get out of the store is completely insane.

If their job is to stand and check peoples reciepts and people just walk on by like this guy in the article, they obviously aren’t going to be able to do their jobs. They will get in trouble, and if it happens enough, they will get fired.

I just stay the hell away from places like this. If I don’t like the company’s policies, I’ll shop somewhere else. Or I’ll call and complain to the company about it.

They are doing their jobs by asking for the reciept, but as stated in the article, they have no _power_ to make you stay and check your reciept.

As long as they are asking to see your reciept they are doing the job they are hired for. Thus, no reason to get fired. Again, I highly doubt anyone would get fired as long as they make the effort to ask for your reciept.

I too try to avoid these places. I cancelled my membership to Costco, and avoid Wal-Mart and Best Buy at all costs because of it.

Does Best Buy do it too out there? They’ve never stopped me, but I’m never there when it’s super busy. The only time I’ve been asked for my receipt at Walmart is if I happened to set off the alarm.

Perhaps they are more trusting out here in the ‘burbs. Crazy!

Here it seems Wal-Mart greeters will randomly stop you (Just like Homeland Security! hahah.). Best Buy always stops you… Oh! And Fry’s does it too!

It’s very annoying.

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