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Cool, eh? My goal… To FILL EVERYTHING! hahahah.

Anyways. I REALLY need to spead out my yearly costs some.. This time of year is just killer for me in costs.. First the trip, then insurange, then investments, and gifts and registartaion renewl.. Ugh. It’s killer! I also need new tires, new brakes, an oil change, and new windshield wiper blades.

And WHY must they fucking make it so god damn hard to make changes to insurance! Seriously they need to fucking simplify this! I call in because I got my bill and want to make changes to my policy. He says, “well your policy now is $1,200″… WAIT! I _JUST_ got a bill saying that I owe $1,042… How in the HELL is he getting $1,200 from? … Well apparently he cant’ make changes to the UPCOMING policy that I want to pay on NOW. He can only change the CURRENT policy. Why on EARTH would I want to change the fucking CURRENT policy? It’s up in 1 week. I’m not going to freaking change it now!

So the story is that I have to pay the full $1,042 now, make the change and then they will SEND me a check for the $200 difference. What fucking sense does that make. God damn insurance companies. I hate them all.

Second, is DMV. I have to get a smog check. Ugh! How annoying. I could have sworn I just did that last year! I really hope that it’s not going to cost me more then the $50 testing fee. BTW, since California requires you to get a smog check, it should be god damn free.

I hate cars, I hate owning cars. They are nothing but money traps! Why can’t LA have a good public transit system. Speaking of, I got a “Free Metro Pass for a Month” card in the mail the other day. It said “Welcome to the neighborhood”.. Good job being nearly 6 months late! Anyways, I went to the website to try and plan out my daily commute via MTA.. The damn route planner didn’t work.

I found this interesting… Some of these include very stupid reasons to KILL somebody, What’s wrong with America! Top 20 Unusual Homicides

Before I left for Berlin, I paid all my November bills… I got an e-mail from my landlord: “I received your rent check today, but it is due the 1st of each month, I don’t want to recieve it before that date”… Excuse me, what kind of IDIOT would freaking complain about getting $1,300 two weeks early! If/When I am a landlord, I would LOVE to have tenants like ME!

Speaking of, I really want to get my ass in gear about doing that. I need to start making calls for it!


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  1. So, I called in today to make the payment… This person tells me that they can’t change my current policy now and that they can only change my UPCOMING policy!

    UGH! What a fucking mess.

    We talked for like 45 minutes and I gave her a piece of my mind. But I was nice about it.

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