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Berlin Movie… And Christmas!

Well, just as with Paris, I have created a 5 minute movie of my trip to Germany.. I don’t really like the music that goes with it, so if you know any more “typical” German Music let me know… I was thinking some Pink Floyd.

Berlin got me all hot and bothered for Christmas too, so I put up the christmas tree like 2 weeks early, opps! It’s really cute.

The cats have been VERY lovey.

I’m not very happy about the way my apartment was left by the Cat Sitter… Beer bottles all over the counter. Glasses all over the apartment. 3 cig pack wrappers on the floor, the bed was unmade, and he didn’t get the mail as I asked. I guess I will have to find someone else to watch them for Christmas… Any takers?

Saturday night I went out with this guy Jim. What a character… That’s all I have to say. We watched mulholland drive. I have NO idea what this movie is about!

Today Austin came over and we hung out. It was good to see him again. We watched this movie called Orange County. Very funny. You should all go watch it.

I’ve also spent a lot of the weekend sleeping. I’ve been so tired! The guy upstairs has started playing loud gay disco and having sex again. Austin thinks he’s on drugs. He better NOT be loud again tonight. I’ll be annoyed as hell!

Not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. 🙁


BTW.. I love the Ampelmann

5 replies on “Berlin Movie… And Christmas!”

What a horrible cat sitter. I would have had a FIT to come home to that after a long flight.

I can take care of kitties! aw, meow.

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