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May 13, 2001

may 13, #2. [craig david, "walking away" remix] ok so i guess it’s

been a pretty good weekend with the family and all, seems to be getting along

with them fairly well, nothing really big yet. it’s been a great two nights

though, i’ve gotten to see alot of the people again and yeah, it’s all good.

last night i went out with xak and nic. well first we went to wal mart cause

nic wanted to fill out an application and julian was working in layaway, so

we did that, and that was just funny shit, then nic went off an a tangent

that he needed to get a mothers day gift for his mum, and he was going to

get her a teddy bear. so we started heading for the toy section but somehow

ended up in the cd/dvd section and he decided to get her a cd of some sort,

but anyhow we had to go to target to get that, and that was fun, i’d never

been to the target in ankeny before. so yeah. then we went to java joes, and

there were alot of cute guys there, lol. then we went to the sky walks, and

that was just major totally cool fun. yeah, yeah. we saw valleys prom and

some wedding, and yeah, nic and xak tried getting into both places and got

kicked out, lol. then we went back to java joes, more cute guys. lol. then

we went to my house and sat in the hot tub, that was cool. nic’s going to

try and get some X and bring it over next time, so that’ll be cool if he does,

i’ve been wanting to try some. then after the hot tub, i called danny, and

that was sad times. i dunno, it’s all confusing times there. he says he’s

got two "legal" names, and i’m just lost as to what to do. i mean.

it’s weird. but i’ve thought alot about it today, and i mean i dunno really.

but i want to try to give this a chance once i get out there. i really do.

we talked today though and that was good times, he talked to my dad too. lol.

when i got home my room was packed full of all kinds of shit, so i took pictures

of it. i’ll get them up in the fall sometime, it’ll be after camp and such,

unless i find lots of other things to take pictures of before then, 😉 i got

most of it cleaned out, i just kinda stacked it in the corner. so yeah. and

i’ve started packing for camp, only two and a half weeks before i have to

leave for there. i also got my computer hooked set up all right, so that the

only thing of mine that people can access is my mp3’s and i’m ripping a whole

bunch more of them right now. i told danny that i was going to come out to

my pu’s as soon as summer camp was over, but he’s like, "you should talk

to your friends about that" so i dunno. i mean i _want_ to tell them

so badly, but i mean if things go bad, it’d be a sucky rest of the summer.

i still need to find somewhere to hide all my XY’s and stuff. that’s going

to be more of a problem then i thought it would be, cause it appears that

even though i’ve moved out my brother has decided that he likes going through

all my stuff even more then he used to, so it’s hard to hide anything now.

so where everi do end up hiding them, it’s going to have to be outside my

room some where. my pu’s and i also talked about going to philly, like i said

some where up there, my mom didn’t get her arse in gear and didn’t get things

linded up, so we aren’t going to make it out there this month. she’s now saying

"in late july" but then it’s going to be a whole family thing, like

my, both pu’s and my brother, so that’s going to just suck. but whatever,

i still get to go there, that’s good i guess. i’m going to go sit in the hot

tub some again. laters.

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