May 14, 2001

may 14. [live, "white, discussion"]well today’s been ok i guess.

haven’t really done much, i got up this moring about 8 and went to the bike

trail and did some rollerblading, then i came home sat in the hot tub with

the dog (he _really_ likes sitting in the hot tub) then i laid out and tanned

for a bit. then i went and working the garden and round the pond some. but

other then that it’s been pretty boring here today. my dad’s a selfish pig

though. we had hamburgers, chips, and beans for supper, he put cheese on all

four hamburgers, cause he wanted cheese, well are you going to eat all four

hamburgers? we had chips, did he bring any dip home for them? no, cause we’re

having beans for that, does everyone here like beans? no, only two out of

four people like beans here, so why couldn’t he bring home dip for the chips,

cause he knows everyone likes dip, we also were out of ketchup, he didn’t

bring any home though, cause he didn’t want ketchup with his hamburgers, yet

he knows that everyone else would like ketchup. it jsut really annoys me.

i ripped a ton of CD’s today that was fun. i also went to compusa, mm, cute

guy. lol. but no i went there and got some software. i dunno, this is a sucky

update, i’m leaving.

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