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  • Fontuky, Simi, Palm Springs, Salton Sea, Weist Lake, El Centro

    So to start off, I drove a LOT this weekend. Check out my trip here. So not to much has really happened since my last post. I hung out with Jason and his new boy James on Saturday, got a new couch which was TONS of fun. And VERY comfy! Sunday was rock climbing and […]

  • Living My Life…

    I’m getting along pretty good really. I do have my days, I get sad, I cry a little, I have to resist calling him and screaming at him or crying my eyes out. But I am having fun again and enjoying things more. This week has been very very busy. Lets see, I have to […]

  • Death Valley!

    What a weekend! Friday night was the typical Dinner with friends. We all met up at Jason’s house and he had Meatballs cooking. However, he was no where to be found! So we made the rest of the dinner and ate it without him. He showed up just as we were finishing dinner. Overall it […]

  • A Holiday Weekend!

    So this weekend has been very holiday filled! Friday night Constantine came over and we went out to Panera bread for dinner. I love that place. After that we headed across the street to the movie theater to see a movie. Neither one of us really knew anything that was out, and the next movie […]