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  • Fontuky, Simi, Palm Springs, Salton Sea, Weist Lake, El Centro

    So to start off, I drove a LOT this weekend. Check out my trip here. So not to much has really happened since my last post. I hung out with Jason and his new boy James on Saturday, got a new couch which was TONS of fun. And VERY comfy! Sunday was rock climbing and […]

  • Happy Birthday to Me!

    Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been very very busy! So going back, two weekends ago, Kris and I went to San Diego{/wiki] to visit his friend Suze and for my Birthday. We had a mostly good trip down there, but it became clear as the weekend went on that he only went down to […]

  • Back from Caborca

    So I’m back from Caborca, but writing this post in San Diego now. It’s been one whirlwind trip down south. We got down there about 6ish on Monday and went straight to this restaurant called “La Carret”. This place had the MOST AMAZING food ever! You get this neat little heater thing with tons and […]

  • Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

    Merry Christmas! It’s been a busy busy week here in Iowa. TONS of stuff going on. Got some AMAZING news last Friday at work. I got my approval for the $500,000 software implementation. I also had a meeting with the CEO regarding the idiot CFO and some other plans I had for the company. So […]

  • Lets spend $16k to save $10k!

    So, almost 2 months ago I presented a plan to my CEO and CFO on a way to save nearly $5,000 a month in costs. To save this though, it would have cost them $10,000 to cancel some bills contracts that we are currently in. They said no to just flat out paying the $10k […]