Lets spend $16k to save $10k!

So, almost 2 months ago I presented a plan to my CEO and CFO on a way to save nearly $5,000 a month in costs.

To save this though, it would have cost them $10,000 to cancel some bills contracts that we are currently in. They said no to just flat out paying the $10k and they wanted our old IT Contractors to negotiate the bill down since they “got us into this mess”.

Ok, really? The old IT people have NO business reason to do anything for us any more. WE NO LONGER use their service.

However, we ARE still paying them $3,300 a MONTH to do NOTHING! Yes, that’s right, $3,300 to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Well the CFO doesn’t want to tell them that are going to stop paying that until they negotiate us out of that other contract.

So in the last two months, we’ve spent $6,600 on the IT Contractors to DO NOTHING, plus another $10,000 on services that we are over paying for.

So essentially we’ve paid $16,000 just to save $10,000. What kind of fucking business sense does that make?


I brought this to the attention of the CFO today and said, “If we’re gonna keep giving them money, why don’t you just give it to me and I’ll do nothing extra for you”. He laughed.

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