Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been very very busy!

So going back, two weekends ago, Kris and I went to San Diego{/wiki] to visit his friend Suze and for my Birthday. We had a mostly good trip down there, but it became clear as the weekend went on that he only went down to see his friends and I was a total third wheel. He HATES and bitches when people are the third wheel, so I got very annoyed. Sunday he asked what I wanted to do, I told him the one thing that I would have liked to see and do again that I know in town. Now, I don’t know San Diego, and if _I_ took a friend to a town that I knew very well and they didn’t know very well, I would come up with suggestions of things for them/us to do. I was offered no such items. So instead we basically wasted the day wondering around and watching a movie. On the ride home he asked what was wrong. I told him, he BLEW up at me saying that I was only pissed because the weekend wasn’t ALL about me. We haven’t spoken since. He told me that I was being childish. Ugh. Whatever.

We went to the San Diego wild animal park while there. That was tons of fun at least! 🙂 I took like 400 pictures with the new camera. Only kept 200 of them. Still trying to widdle down to my favorites. I’m going to have to get used to deleting images now that EACH picture is 10megs!

So anyways, Birthday week wasn’t all that exciting. Jason and I had a heart-to-heart one night, I got a birthday package from Aaron and Erick which was VERY nice of them! Although, I just went to get some chocolate out of the box and there’s a WHOLE bar missing!! WHO the FUCK steals a bar of chocolate out of someone’s box on their desk!? Ugh. These are the idiots I work with.

Speaking of idiots. So my big project that I was all exciting about before the holidays. Well the boss man has TAKEN IT OVER and is ruining it with lightening efficiency. Basically he’s writing the requirements without EVER talking to the end users about what they want to see changed and what they do, etc. He says, “I have a basic idea of how things work.” You MIGHT. BUT that doesn’t mean you have ANY IDEA about how things are ACTUALLY working! Plus part of this project is to REDUCE the number of Excel spreadsheets that are wondering around the company. Well you would think that you would NEED TO KNOW what those are and how they are getting used to be sure that they are going to be worked into the new software. He has NOT begun at ALL exploration of what those spreadsheets are. VERY ANNOYING.

Also he designed a [wiki]Gnatt chart in fucking EXCEL! Who does Gnatt charts in EXCEL!? Idiots do Gnatt charts in EXCEL, that’s WHO!

So then, remember how I went to Caborca and NO ONE knew the fucking passwords. Well apparently LAST week German, the guy in Caborca, figured them out or remembered them or something. So anyways, the boss calls me the other day and we proceed to have a 20 minute convo in which I have to EXPLAIN TO HIM in detail a reason why my solution to a problem is the ONLY solution. I mention SEVERAL times in my reasoning that this is BECAUSE WE DO NOT KNOW THE passwords. AT THE END of the convo, the boss says, “By the way German has access to the server now”. I ask, “How is that?”. He says, “because he remembered the password”. DON’T YOU THINK that’s something you should have mentioned to me RIGHT AWAY when you found out?! Don’t you think that’s something that would be HELPFUL to me to do my FUCKING JOB!

Anyways, so for my Birthday Jason and I had Champagne and Cake, just a low-class day. Nothing to exciting. I really wasn’t into my birthday again this year.

So this past weekend, I was gonna go on a quick backpacking trip with JoEric and Claudia, but it rained and was nasty and it’s a good thing I didn’t go because I ended up pretty damn sick all weekend! So Saturday I dropped of Asparagus off to George and then went to Griffith Observatory with Jason and his new wife. Had a good time overall, came home, took a vicodin and went to bed.

Sunday I spent the whole day laying on the couch. Tried to do laundry, but everyone else in the building apparently had the same Idea. So I got nothing done.

Down on YOU in a Theater!

Wow, what a weekend!

So, Friday afternoon Constantine came over and we watched Boy Culture. It was a pretty good gay movie really. Not as horrible as most. After that we went out to Boys Room in Long Beach with Jason and Mok. It was one crazy night there. Lots of insane boys in LB but it was a lot of fun. Did some dancing and what not as well.

Got home from that about 2:30am and it was raining out. Saturday Constantine and I got up and headed out to Montrose to eat breakfast at Black Cow Cafe. Really good food. If you are ever in that area, I highly suggest checking it out! After that we headed over to the LA Zoo.

The Zoo was lots of fun and it’s pretty big. I really want to get to the San Diego zoo and Wild Animal park here soon though because I’ve head they are much better!

I also dropped off my car that morning to get the brakes done… They called me while we were at the Zoo and said that they needed to do tonnnns of other stuff. Said it was going to cost nearly $900 total! I told them NO and to just do the brakes. Which ended up costing just over $560 anyways. Fucking cars! The place was going to charge me $100 for a new battery! Some of it I do actually need to do, but I can do it myself for much cheaper!

From the Zoo we headed up Mulholland to this really neat overlook of LA. After that we headed back to my place. Where we all decided to have a very impromptu dinner party at Jason’s house. Went and got ELBj and drinks from Albertson’s and Trader Joes. Ended up playing cards till like 10 and then went home and crashed in bed.

Sunday got up and Constantine and I headed up to the valley area to meet up with his sister and some of his friends. Went to Soup Plantation for lunch and then saw the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It was a very good movie! I really loved the dresses and the sets and everything! You should go see it. His friends were all very nice.

Came home from that and we went for a walk on the beach. We’re going to start walking a couple miles a day so that we can be ready for Europe’s walking adventures!

Constantine left after that and I laid down on the couch to watch the Simpsons and what not. But I didn’t even make it through that before I was sound asleep. So I just went to bed.

This morning I got up and on my way into work I was listening to 104.3 My FM and they played “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. They got to the part where she says. “Down on you in a theater”… They silenced it out! UGH! What is wrong with this country! Idiots.

In other news, I’m still very annoyed with the landlord for raising my rent. I’m really considering moving in with Jason now. My place is just NOT WORTH $1,400 a month! Asshole. The people on the end unit moved out too, but I haven’t seen a sign go up in the front yard yet. So I’m not sure what’s up with that I wonder why he hasn’t advertised it. I’ve also really been contemplating just buying that place on 204th street that I looked at a while back, although it’s in the GHETTO now, I’m sure it’ll just get better. Fucking HATE renting! I have to buy a place ASAP! Or get the hell out of here!

Also, today marks 7 years of blogging! Yay!

And today marks 2 months with Constantine!

Photos from the weekend are here!

Ok. I’m out. Laters all!!!