Climb Master!

What a busy busy weekend, do you ever expect anything less from me?

So Friday I got _pissed_ at Jason. He’s just being such a fucking asshole lately. Keeps saying he wants to be closer, but the way he acts is just NOT conducive to that at all. I invited him to go out to GGB with Kris and I and he was just a total jerk about going. Blah blah blah. Anyways, so I went home after work and took a nap. Woke up to Kris calling me at 8pm, we were supposed to leave at 8:30. Tells me he can’t go because he has no money. UGH! I was PISSED. After Jason being such a douche bag about it and then Kris canceling. I mean REALLY!? He was gonna get his fucking money SOMETIME this weekend, but he couldn’t afford to go out and have fun ONE fucking night. It just annoys me that he thinks he has to gout and get PLASTERED just to have fun at the bars. That’s NOT what GGB is about at all. He wouldn’t even consider going at all. Really pissed me off. So instead of going out and having a great time at GGB with friends and meeting cool people. I spent the night home, alone on my couch watching STUPID ass movies. UGH!

Saturday morning I got up and dropped the car off at the dealer. Time for new brakes! This weekend also marks 1 year of having the car! Yay! I put 23,000 miles on it in a year! Insanity! So drop the car off, get a loaner and head out to go shopping with Anthony. We get going and find out that I forgot my house keys in my car. I was planning on having the loaner all weekend, so I wanted to just go back and pick up my keys and then get going. Well we get there and they say it’s only going to be like 10 more minutes, so we just wait around, pick up the car and then head out for shopping. I ended up buying two REALLY cute shirts at Express for like $60. I can’t wait to wear them to work!

Headed home after that and then picked up Kris to go to the Roller Derby show. Got to Glendale with just the right amount of time and had a really funny show from Charles. They had some REALLY hot roller skating boys too. Found out that one of them was only 16! Opps. Came home after that and crashed.

Sunday I got up and headed out Rock climbing. This weekend JoEric and I ran the whole thing which was very exciting for us! We were very scared Saturday morning because the weather said 40% chance of rain. Thankfully the winds picked up and blew away all the clouds and we could not have asked for MORE PERFECT weather for climbing. It was SOooooooo clear you could see for miles! Dan from Iowa came out and we had three girls. JoEric and I finished up the climb that I started last weekend. Still some work to do on it regarding foot holds, and what not. But it’s going to be a fun fun climb! Ate lunch after that and the guy at the counter totally hated us because we were confusing him and ourselves at the same time!

Got home from climbing and got pissed off at Jason again. I was forwarded an email he had sent to someone else. He’s just one shady mofo. I am really starting to not like him at all. He’s just always up in everyone’s business, but REFUSES to open up about his own fucking business. Like I’m supposedly one of his best friends, yet this email that was forwarded to me I knew NOTHING about. Then he posts on Facebook that he’s going to fireworks in MB. Like if I were going to that with a group of people, I would have INVITED him, or at least told him about it. I mean really? If I hear about neat things in the area, I’m the FIRST to spread the word about them so that other people can enjoy it if they wanted to. He didn’t even have to invite me, but at least let me know it’s going on. He’s lived here WAY longer then anyone else I know. It’s just like the whole Manhattan Open House thing. Like that would have been TONS of fun to get a group together and go. Even If I’m not cool enough to hang out with his friends.

Whatever, it’s just VERY annoying the way that he acts about shit. Like he’s ALWAYS txting/emailing “What are you doing”. Even when it doesn’t fucking MATTER at all what I’m doing (because he already has other plans, etc). But if you ask him what he’s doing he gets all pissy and defensive about it.

Anyways, so after all that Anthony came over again and we drank some wine, made out and cuddled in bed for a while. It was nice. 🙂 Went to bed at like 10ish and woke up at 4ish this morning to POURING rain which was nice. It’s been raining almost all day long. I was very annoyed this morning though because A) People have NO idea how to drive in the rain and B) they were doing road construction on PCH and had 2 of the 3 lanes closed. Who the F does construction on a fucking MONDAY morning in the fucking RAIN!

I cannot wait to get home for Christmas! You have no idea! I am just gonna lay around the house, climb at the new gym, hot tub, drink with friends and see family! Yay!

Week from Hell!

This has been a week from HELL!

Oh my god, everything has been braking and it’s been like Christmas around here. I have been getting boxes for shit nearly every day!

So Monday I come in and things just aren’t working. Our Faxes got all screwed up with the number porting so nothing was working there, then other stuff broke then I was in meetings all afternoon. It was a mess. IE: This guy comes in at 9:30 and says the screen on his laptop is not working, also he has a flight to Argentina at 10:30. Yeah an HOUR to fix it, I think NOT! Then the CEO comes in at 10 and says his laptop is not working.. Also, he’s on the same flight!

Tuesday was MORE of the same, things breaking, shit coming in that needs immediate attention. I have this HUGE project in Mexico coming up and I MUST get all the hardware ready for it to be done. I have two weeks today to get it setup here, tested, then packed and shipped down there. I’m not sure it’ll make it! lol.

ALSO the PIX 501 in Washington went out. So they mailed it to me. Of course Cisco doesn’t MAKE a PIX 501 anymore so we had to get an ASA 5505. Things have not been going so well with that. Although I think that I finally have it setup right. I just need to figure out how to test it all out! LOL

Wed was MORE mess. Honestly I can’t even remember all the shit that has stopped working this week/needed my attention NOW!

At one point this week, I had three monitors, two laptops, a PIX 501, the ASA 5505 ON my desk and then NEXT to my desk I had two Poweredge 840’s and an Optilex 740. I was working on ALL of them at once!

Then today, this bitch stops me as I’m dropping something off and she’s like, “My insert key doesn’t work”. Then she got all pissed that I couldn’t waste my time to fucking fix it for her right there!! UGH! People. First if you fucking WANT something, email me about it. That’s the only way to be SURE that I get information. ALSO today, I called a company we had purchased stuff from and yelled at them for not getting it to me on time. Only to find it out had actually been delivered EARLY and someone hadn’t notified me that it was waiting at the front desk. (It’s been there since the Nov 24th!).

So other then that, I made a batch of pfeffernusse. Had this guy Adam come over while I did that and we hung out. Long story short, I found out that Kris had met him at a coffee shop a few days before and KNEW that I knew him but didn’t say anything. I was fairly annoyed. The guy on the other hand was mostly annoying, one of those people who’s smart and really likes to show it off. I find that such a turn off. Kris went on a date with him as well, said he enjoyed it.

That started a huge conflit between us. Very annoying in general, here I thought he and I were getting closer, but apparently I’m in the friends category with him now for good. So whatever. Just annoying in general. I can never keep what I want. I need to just stop being so fucking stupid and let the emotions out!

So in anyways, then I planned a date with this other guy Anthony. He’s Italian, just graduated college with a Human Development degree and has no real job… But other then that he was fun! Not sure how I felt. He was cute and we had a good time, but if you’ve seen Mambo italiano. That’d basically be him, in a family who’s anti-gay or whatever. And also, WTF is he gonna do with a human development degree? Where’s he going with that? Who knows. He’s very inexperienced in the whole dating/gay scene as well. Which can be a positive and a negative. Good in that he still has those hopes and dreams of finding a great guy, bad in that who knows if he’ll turn into one of those whores once he finds all the hot guys of Weho! We’ve got a second date today. Should be interesting!

msmtp + Zabbix + Gmail!

My company uses Gmail for all our email accounts. We’ve found that with the limited IT budget and staffing it’s easiest for us to use google to manage all our corporate email.

I’ve been trying to get Zabbix to send emails using Gmail, of course since gmail only uses TLS it’s been a bit of a problem since Zabbix does not support this out of the box. I decided to use msmtp and a Zabbix script to handle it all.

Note: We’re using VZ servers so some commands may be different.

First thing to do was to install all the correct packages:
vzyum 103 install gnutls gnutls-devel cyrus-sasl Libidn fetchmail

After those were installed I had to download MSMTP from the sourceforge page here.

Configure, make, make install with your options. I used:
./configure --with-ssl=gnutls

Next I created an msmtp_wrapper.conf file in the Zabbix bin directory like the following:
syslog LOG_MAIL
account default
port 587
tls on
auth on
auto_from on

Next I created the msmtp_wrapper file in the Zabbix bin directory :
echo "Subject:$2+$3" | tr "+" "\n"> /tmp/message.zabbix
/usr/local/bin/msmtp -t -C /home/zabbix/bin/msmtp_wrapper.conf --tls-certcheck=off -- $1 < /tmp/message.zabbix rm /tmp/message.zabbix

Change the owner and permissions on these files as such:
chown zabbix:zabbix msmtp_wrapper*
chmod a+x 700 msmtp_wrapper*

Next create a media type in Zabbix with the script name you used.

Lastly, setup some triggers to use it!

That should be all that you need to get started.


What a freaking ridiculous weekend!

So Friday I got off work and headed out to WeHo to meet up with Steve. We got there and ate dinner and drank a lot and then headed out to WeHo. Walked down the street and took HUNDREDS of pictures with lots of RANDOM ass people in crazy costumes. We stuffed some small bottles in our pants for the street walking. Drank those and what not. Finally got to the Abbey and the place was PACKED, they weren’t letting people in and the cops came and were shoving people all over the place. Headed over to the factory and the line was LONG, but thankfully we knew people and were able to walk right in.

The place was insane packed, I headed to the bathroom and came back with just my underwear! (And no, I didn’t get any action the WHOLE night!) I honestly don’t remember much after that though. I ordered a Long Island and danced the night away with the boys. I guess I made out with some guy, but I don’t recall? We all walked home after running into Mayko. Yes, I had to WALK home in my underwear! Redic!

We got back to the place and Kris had a little bit of a blow up at me, but we talked it out and he ended up staying the night. We all got up around 9:30 on saturday and went out for brunch. From there Kris and I headed to Griffith Observatory and it was really pretty! You could see all these storms all over LA and stuff. We hung out there for a while and then all of a sudden a HUGE storm moved in with lightening and shit so we headed out to my Aunt’s house in the valley.

Got there and her dogs were insane. Nick showed up and we went to the grocery store then made dinner and my aunt and uncle got home we had dinner chatted it up and had a great time. The three of us then headed out to Kris’ friends house and played a game and spent a few hours there. It was a LOT of fun there that night! Headed back to the aunt’s house and sat in the hot tub a while then hit bed.

Got up at 4:45am Sunday and had a quick breakfast then headed out to this Muddy Buddy thing that Kris and Nick were doing. It looked like a lot of fun. I had a good time just hanging out at the park and what not. Lots of hot muddy boys! 🙂

They got done with it much faster then I thought they would so we packed up and went back to the Aunt’s house where she made a full buffett of food including french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc! Delicious! After that we sat in the hot tub for a while and then drove back to LA.

The freeways were amazing!! Got home in no time at all, laid down on the couch and promptly fell asleep! Woke up again at like 4pm and watched some TiVo then went over to Kris’ house to watch Simpsons and what not.

Today I am back at work. I can’t wait for this election to be over with! I’m so sick of hearing all the ads and shit.

On Friday I enabled a new internet filter here at the office. Today I got this long bitching email from this woman about how she uses her personal laptop, etc, blah blah blah and how we have no right to filter what she does on her laptop. I’m not FILTERING what you do on your laptop. I’m FILTERING what you access using our COMPANY’S INTERNET! So I went through the logs of what she’s been doing and I haven’t found ONE work related website that she’s been to since Friday when I enabled the filter! Very random!

So anyways, Jason and I got in a huge fight again on Friday as well. He was being a total asshole because I wouldn’t ditch Kris and Steve to go to his Party instead and said he wasn’t going to invite me anywhere again. So I went off on him about how I have other plans and how I don’t just ditch people like he does. Then I find out he sends this email to Kris about it and blah blah blah. Now this mutual friend that we know says that his friend spent the night at Jason’s. Things are starting to REALLY unravel and it seems like someone is full of lies around here. It’s VERY annoying.

I Should Fire Myself!

Sooo a few annoying things!

First I just found out that I don’t get to use any of my vacation time for a full YEAR at my company!! What the fuck. You have got to e kidding me! I should be able to use my vacation time as it becomes available! This seems absolutely ridiculous that the company would have such a policy. I hate American companies with this sort of shit. We need vacations to relax and live. It’s not our fault that people are stuck up assholes.

Second I gave a presentation to the CFO the other day about my plans to save the company $110k over the next year. He said, and I quote… “I should fire myself”. I wanted to burst out laughing SOOOOO badly! I could not believe it! He really should fire himself this kind of horrible mis-management is just inexcusable. So I gave the same presentation to the CEO yesterday and he was PISSED! He kept demanding to know who was in charge of this before I started and etc etc. Thankfully the Executive Assistant was in there and she’s the one who placed the blame square in CFO’s lap! So hopefully something will become of this and things will get better. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll get a new CFO, but I highly doubt that’ll happen.

Third, my trainer is almost over, which I’m sad about, but also glad because I can’t afford to keep paying for him. I’m defiantly seeing the results that I want now, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with that.

Fourth, I have two people pursuing me, one I actually like and one I like as just friends. But I’m to afraid to act on the one because I don’t want to risk losing the friendship there as well. It’s all very confusing and very annoying! Damn boys!

Other then that, not much has been going on this week. I hung out with Kris/Jason pretty much every day this week. I’ve been very very tired all day too. Tuesday I went to Jason’s for dinner and then Kris joined us. Jason even made cookies! How nice of him. Last night I went to Kris’ and we watched the final two Freddy movies. Tonight we’re going to watch some other scary movie as well.

I’m getting a little over whelmed at work right now. Two HUGE projects going on at once, and only ME to manage the whole IT infrastructure of this company. Including helpdesk functions, etc. I just don’t have the time to do anything else!

Ok. I’m out.