Week from Hell!

This has been a week from HELL!

Oh my god, everything has been braking and it’s been like Christmas around here. I have been getting boxes for shit nearly every day!

So Monday I come in and things just aren’t working. Our Faxes got all screwed up with the number porting so nothing was working there, then other stuff broke then I was in meetings all afternoon. It was a mess. IE: This guy comes in at 9:30 and says the screen on his laptop is not working, also he has a flight to Argentina at 10:30. Yeah an HOUR to fix it, I think NOT! Then the CEO comes in at 10 and says his laptop is not working.. Also, he’s on the same flight!

Tuesday was MORE of the same, things breaking, shit coming in that needs immediate attention. I have this HUGE project in Mexico coming up and I MUST get all the hardware ready for it to be done. I have two weeks today to get it setup here, tested, then packed and shipped down there. I’m not sure it’ll make it! lol.

ALSO the PIX 501 in Washington went out. So they mailed it to me. Of course Cisco doesn’t MAKE a PIX 501 anymore so we had to get an ASA 5505. Things have not been going so well with that. Although I think that I finally have it setup right. I just need to figure out how to test it all out! LOL

Wed was MORE mess. Honestly I can’t even remember all the shit that has stopped working this week/needed my attention NOW!

At one point this week, I had three monitors, two laptops, a PIX 501, the ASA 5505 ON my desk and then NEXT to my desk I had two Poweredge 840’s and an Optilex 740. I was working on ALL of them at once!

Then today, this bitch stops me as I’m dropping something off and she’s like, “My insert key doesn’t work”. Then she got all pissed that I couldn’t waste my time to fucking fix it for her right there!! UGH! People. First if you fucking WANT something, email me about it. That’s the only way to be SURE that I get information. ALSO today, I called a company we had purchased stuff from and yelled at them for not getting it to me on time. Only to find it out had actually been delivered EARLY and someone hadn’t notified me that it was waiting at the front desk. (It’s been there since the Nov 24th!).

So other then that, I made a batch of pfeffernusse. Had this guy Adam come over while I did that and we hung out. Long story short, I found out that Kris had met him at a coffee shop a few days before and KNEW that I knew him but didn’t say anything. I was fairly annoyed. The guy on the other hand was mostly annoying, one of those people who’s smart and really likes to show it off. I find that such a turn off. Kris went on a date with him as well, said he enjoyed it.

That started a huge conflit between us. Very annoying in general, here I thought he and I were getting closer, but apparently I’m in the friends category with him now for good. So whatever. Just annoying in general. I can never keep what I want. I need to just stop being so fucking stupid and let the emotions out!

So in anyways, then I planned a date with this other guy Anthony. He’s Italian, just graduated college with a Human Development degree and has no real job… But other then that he was fun! Not sure how I felt. He was cute and we had a good time, but if you’ve seen Mambo italiano. That’d basically be him, in a family who’s anti-gay or whatever. And also, WTF is he gonna do with a human development degree? Where’s he going with that? Who knows. He’s very inexperienced in the whole dating/gay scene as well. Which can be a positive and a negative. Good in that he still has those hopes and dreams of finding a great guy, bad in that who knows if he’ll turn into one of those whores once he finds all the hot guys of Weho! We’ve got a second date today. Should be interesting!

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