Thanksgiving, San Jacinto and Joshua Tree!

Wow, what a weekend, went from the wonderful Beach, to Winter wonderland, to the desert and back to a very foggy and overcast beach! Only in LA can you do such a thing!

So, Thursday I headed down to Laguna beach to meet up with Nick and Dustin. We hung out in Laguna for a while and watched the sunset which was amazing. After that we headed over to some of Nick’s friends house for thanksgiving dinner. That was a HUGE mess, but tons of fun! Lots of people, tons of delicious food, and a great time was had by all. There was this one old guy though who kept STARING at me the WHOLE time we were there though. Very annoying! lol

Got done with that and headed home. Nick and I went through the plans for the next day and reviewed what we were packing then crashed in bed. Got up at 5am Friday morning and drove out to Palm Springs and got the second tram of the day up to the top. Got there and there was 3-4 inches of snow on the gound at the tram station which is about 8,200 feet. Started out hiking and got lost a few times because the trail was not marked at all. So we were trying to find our way up!

It was absolutely gorgeous getting up there. We reached the Peak which was about 6 miles up at around 1pm, so it took us about 4 hours to do that. Got up there and hung out in this emergency shelter cabin to eat lunch and warm up a little bit. On the peak there was around a foot of snow up there. We hung out and checked out the wonderful views and then started heading the 2 miles to our camp site. The snow seemed much deeper on this side of the mountian, we were going downhill and we were blazing the trail.

I decided after a while that it was just too much, my feet were soaking wet, my toes frozen solid so we turned around and went back. Made the 6 mile trek back in a little over 2 hours. So 12 miles and 7 hours later with a 35 pound pack we were back where we started. Spent some time in the tram station and had some hot tea and then headed to the bottom. Stopped at KFC for dinner and saw this HUGE fat guy in there eating a boat load and I was disgusted and wanted to yell at him. After that we headed out to Joshua tree to meet up with Travis and gang.

We got there and met a bunch of new people and then we crashed in bed. I was sooo tired! Saturday we got up and went climbing for the whole day. Pretty much from sunrise to sunset! It was amazing. Although I was sooooo tired and my back was killing me, so I only did 4 climbs that day. 🙁 Tons of hot guys were out climbing as well! Yum! It was a really great group and hopefully I can start doing some climbing/adventures with them some more!

Went back to the camp site that night and they had another GREAT thanksgiving dinner and then this other couple made delicious chicken tacos! We had so much fucking food around the camp site. Plus people were smoking pot and drinking tons of alc. It was very entertaining! I went to bed probably around 9ish and laid and watched the stars for a little bit. Sooo pretty.

So Sunday we got up, packed up and then headed out to breakfast with Travis, Jafey, Nick and I. Had good chat then back to LA! The drive was great, no traffic or anything but the weather at the beach SUCKED! It was overcast and nasty! I would rather have the snow! Lol

Overall it was a GREAT weekend!

Download the Google Earth file of the hike here:

Here’s a movie:

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