My Life

July 17, 2001

uly 17 [amber, "love one another"] well we went and got my car

today, it apears to be not good. i dunno yet. it’s sitting on the trailer

now, my dad did some stuff to it, and it appears to be working a bit better,

we put some stuff in the gas tank, he thinks it might be that i just had crap

in the bottom of my tank and some of it got sucked up into the engine, so

it’s sitting out there running right now. it’s been blowing smoke, but it

looks more like steam then anything. we’ll see how things go. haven’t seen

or heard from adam since yesterday, it’s kinda odd. cause he said he was going

to be online last night. but whatever, it’s only been since yesterday. lol.

other then that, not much going on here today, i have to go to that meeting

for work today at 3. i’m not really looking forward to that. i wanted to go

to that other meeting with adam. but whatever, i guess work is going to come

before other things today. i also have to tell her that i won’t be around

this weekend. hehe, that should be fun. last night after i got home i was

like going insane, my mum was giving me all these things that i have to get

done, like things that have to be done today. i still haven’t even started

them cause i haven’t had time. she also said that if i live in an apartment

i’ll have to come up with $1100 a month for rent, insurance, utilities, and

other general living expenses, that’s plus extra activite type things to and

i was like, what the hell. goddamnit. grrr. they have these new things on

the ISu campus for like olderish type transfer people, so i’m going to look

into that. i’m also hoping to go to that DCI thing tonight in ankeny. yeah.

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