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July 17, 2001 #2

july 17, #2 [amber, "love one another"] well the store meeting

went ok i guess. the idiot area sup was there, being the idoit that he was.

the manager didn’t really say to much that i didn’t already know about. and

other things that other people were doing wrong that i was doing right, so

yeah. it’s now 4:21 and i should be calling people to get other type things

done, but i’m not really in the mood to. i know i have to get it done soon

though, so i’ll probably have to do it tomorrow. the car things still being

a bitch. i’ll have to call somewhere and take it in there. grr. more money

that i don’t have that has to be spent. i complained at the manager today

about not being on the payroll yet. grrr. she was like, well there’s nothing

i can do, and i was like, yes there is, you can yell at them tell they get

me on there. i also got the weekend off so i can go to the G&G’s and see

them. i guess my grandpa hasn’t been feeling to well lately, at least that’s

what my mom told me last night. he didn’t say anything when i talked to him

though, so yeah. i dunno. it’ll be good to see them anyhow. i still haven’t

talked to adam, and i’m kinda mad that i didn’t get to go to that meeting

today. i was really lookin forward to it. oh well. maybe i’ll go to that thing

tonight. if i ever find out what time it is. i have to go make supper now,

so laters all.

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