My Life

July 19, 2001

july 19, [ pearl jam, "redemption song"] ok so tonight, screw the

rest of the day, tonight, omg. after work i called adam and they were at the

dam, so i went there, well i got lost a few times, but i got there and he

was there with ang and nick, and yeah. well we went off and talked and ang

and nick left. and yeah, we just laid around on the ground cuddling. and yeah,

good times, well then, yeah we went up to his car cause it was time for him

to leave, and we just sat on his car talking some more, and then he moved

around in front of me and i was like, ok, i know whats going to happen, so

he just stood there and we talked. and then yeah, he leaned in and kissed

me. oh yeah ::smiles:: and then we just stood there and hugged for a minute

and then we kissed again, and he left. it was sooo great. it felt like hours.

omg, so that’s my day, my really perfect day.

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