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July 19, 2001 #2

july 19, #2 [david bowie, "boys keep swingin"] ok well so now that

some of the giddyness has worn off. So it was a really great night. we were

just standing there face to face, and we were talking. talking about how angie

was saying that if we didn’t kiss by friday she would make us. but it was

a really cool place, i was sitting on the hood of his car and we were holding

hands and our foreheads were touching, and yeah. great times. i just want

like that moment to be stuck in time. it was so great. but yeah, we were just

standing there and i knew what was going to happen, and i was so ready for

it. i was like omg. but then he did it and i was like, yes. i was so happy.

but i felt like kinda a dork. i dunno, but it was great. then we just hugged

there and i soooooo didn’t want to let him go, but he had to get going so

that he’d be home on time for his cerfew. damn cerfew. but we kissed again,

and he kissed me on the cheek and on the neck, and it was just so great. then

we hugged one last time and went out own ways to out cars. it was such a sad

thing. i can’t wait tell friday. yeah.

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