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July 16, 2001

july 16, [eagles, "heartache tonight"] ok so the last 30 hours

or so have been so great. much good touchy goodness. hehe. ok well sunday,

the 15th. adam and i got together about noon or so and we went to MHM and

hung out there and found my cousin a gift type thing. it was cool, first i

was like, i have no idea what to get her, then we passed this art store and

i was like, ohhh van goh (SP) but yeah, and we looked for paintings and such,

and then adam was like, how about a book about him, and i was like, "he’s

cute and has good ideas" so we went to the bookstore there and got her

this really cool book. i’m hopen she likes it. well by the time we got out

of there it was about 2:30 or so and we were like, lets go to deans, so we

went there, and found his place. that was amusing. we weren’t sure which one

was his. i found the place that i thought was his, and there was music and

i was like, hmm, is it madona, it wasn’t but it was the right place. we hung

out there and talked for a bit, waiting for jules to call, he finally called

adam about 3:30 or so and we were like, get your ass over here. so he came

over to deans and we left. we got to lincoln about 7:30 or so. maybe a little

before that, it was a really good ride out there. much cuddly goodness. we

got there and everyone met my cousin, it was good. then we ate lasagna and

watched tv and such. good times, good times. it turns out that we could have

spent a couple hours there, cause angies plane was way late. that’s a whole

different story, so yeah. but we went to the airport and hung out there tell

the plane came in about midnight or so. we rode back, good cuddly times there

too. then we went and dropped ang off at home. dean, jules, adam and i were

staying the nights at dean’s, good times. adam and i started off with me on

the couch and him on the floor. then i moved down to the floor and we cuddled

and giggled and laughed and it was just good times. i had fun. then we were

like, this is uncomfy so we moved into the bedroom, where there was a single

bed. it was nice, but a bit to small and it was really hot in there. so we

moved back out the living room, but we were like, lets try the couch, that

just didn’t work, so we ended back up on the floor. we talked a bit more,

and laughed a ton more. he’s so damn funny. i really enjoyed last night. much

much cuddly goodness. about 4 or 5 this morning we were like we should actually

go to bed. so we layed down, wuth our arms around each other. and kinda went

to sleep, i think i got maybe an hour or so of good sleep last night. i spent

most of the night just looking at adam and enjoying having him so close to

my body, and yeah, good times. i don’t think there was like more then ten

minutes that we weren’t actually touching each other last night, lol. omg it was so great. hmm, do you think there was much cuddly goodness last night?

we got up about 12 and hung out on the couch, we got jules and dean up about

2 and jules found out his brother had been in an accident, so he had to go.

so i took adam home, and he showered and i went home and showered then we

met back up at his house and went and got ang, we went shopping it was so

cool. bout the time we got to VWM my car started acting like it was missing,

so i was like, ok no prob, just needs new spark plugs or a distributor. so

i drove adam home and on the way to ang’s it started burning oil, like mad

burning, and i was like, oohhhhh shit. so i left it at ang’s. bad times there.

but i’m home now, and it’s all good. i’m just hoping it’s not going to cost

alot to fix my car. ya know, it’s really funny that adam and i’ll sleep together,

but we haven’t kissed yet. lol. oh well, i can’t wait tell friday, sleep over

at his house 🙂 well laters all

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