My Life

July 15, 2001

july 15, [amber, "can you feel the love"] ok well tonight’s been

ungood times. i guess you can say that. well it’s been a pretty good day in

all. work was good, there was no marlin, there was no one to bitch at me,

the peole were nice today. it was a good work day. it was so good i didn’t

even bitch at karen when she got there. then i went out with mandy. we went

to java joes, since adam didn’t call like i told him too and he didn’t anser

his phone when i called. but yeah, we went there and we were sitting out side.

and adam pulls up, and we sit there, and he gets out and stands next to his

car, and he checks his phone, and then goes inside. and just as he was walking

in the door i call him again, cause i was going to say "well just walk

past me and not say anything" but he didn’t answer yet again, so mandy

and i went and stood next to his car and waited for him to come out. he did

and we went to the loop. i dunno, tonight was good, i just felt a little ignored,

i dunno, maybe i’m just being in one of those, pay attention to me NOW moods,

but yeah. i felt a bit ignored. i can’t wait tell tomorrow though. i’m thinking

i’ll have to sleep in tell like 1 so that i can stay up late enough, hehe.

it should be really cool. i’m sooooooooo excited.

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