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July 14, 2001

july 14, [acdc, "back in black"] ok so sorry about the no update

ysterday, but it was just a sucky day. however, today’s been great. i went

to work, and there was no marlin, so that was good. but i should never work

with mandy for extended amounts of time, i think we would kill each other.

but then after work i went out with adam to that summerfest thing, that was

great cause i got to meet all his friends. and i finally got to meet that

mike guy, i think that’s his name, he’s damn fucking hot though, lol. we talked,

it was good times. adam told some other girl about him being bi and such and

that was amusing for me. cause he was like, i need to talk to you over here,

and this other girl that was standing there was just going "he’s gay,

he’s gay" and i was amused. but yeah. and then earlier we were talking

and he was like, "ya sometimes i’ll introduce you as my bf and sometimes

just as my friend" and i’m cool with that, but he feels so bad about

it, cause well i dunno really. i mean i can understand why you would want

to do that, and i’ll do it sometimes too when he meets some people. but i

understand the whole in the closet thing, and i’m thinking i’m just lucky

that he wants to go out with me. 🙂 but yeah, tonight was good times. we hung

with his mom some too, that was amusing. but other then that it was just a

good night hanging with adam. good times. good times. well i have 5 people

IMing me, so i’m going to go talk to them now. laters.

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