My Life

July 11, 2001 #2

july 11, #2 [bush, "swim"] so this morning adam called and said

he couldn’t go out with me this morning cause he had to paint or something,

sounded like he had just got out of bed, but yeah. so i went out by myself.

i didn’t find anything i thought she’d like, i called shiela, her mom, and

she said that she was wanting like ivy stuff for her kitchen so i focused

on that. i went to kohls, target, wal-mart, k-mart, and younkers and didn’t

find anything. but i did get some things for myself, hehe. but yeah so i got

home about 3 or so and i came inside and went to the kitchen to get a pop,

my dad was in there and i thought it’d be nice to tell him i’d be home for

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