My Life

July 11, 2001

july 11, [alanis morissette, "ironic"] ok well today’s been okey

i guess. work sucked like normal, but then i went out. i went to java joes

first and ran into candice and jamie, that was cool we talked a bit, then

i went and called adam, and he was at the loop, so i went there to see him.

we met up and i was like, hey wanna go back to java joes and see if candice

and jamie want to come to the loop. and they were like yeah, so we were heading

back to my car when we saw jules and dean, so we got them and all went back

to java joes, candice and jamie had left though, so that was sad, but we stayed

and talked a bit. it was good times, then we went back to the loop and jules

and dean left. so adam and tara and i hung out there. adam ran into an old

friend down there, which was amusing for me, but he was freaked out somewhat.

then on the way home we talked about like the whole touchy feely type things

and i’m cool with touchy feely stuff, but yeah. it’s kinda wierd, the whole

relationship thing. it’s like, how far can i go, how far’s he want me to go.

you know, and of course i’m not the kind to take the first step, so yeah.

it doesn’t work out to well. i mean i don’t mind the touchy feely at all,

i like it alot. i like the feeling of him there, but i mean, it’s like, how

far’s he want to take this, it’s the whole not knowing, sometime i think we

should just like sit down and have a long talk about everything in general,

but yeah. things are good between us, i think. and i’m really liken’ being

with him. i really am.

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