July 10, 2001 #2

july 10, #2 [live, "selling the drama"] ok well today’s been really

great. really really great so far, hehe. adam came over this morning, we hung

out here and talked and walked around and yeah, it was great. we burned him

a cd of songs that he wanted and we sat on the couch and talked about such

things. i found out he’s still a virgin, hehe, cool cool. we also talked about

se and such and he said he’s not ready for it, neither am i really, so it’s

good to know that there’s no pressure or anything about it. things are good.

life’s good at the moment, and yeah, good times, really good times. i know

this is a vague update, but yeah. it helps. tomorrow night adam and i are

going up to camp. i have to pick him up from work about 8 and then we’ll head

up there, campfire starts at 9 (i think), so we should make it there in time

to see the whole thing. then after that there’s the call out ceremony, which

will be nice to see, not only cause of the hot guys wearing pretty much nothing,

but because it’s something that i’ve grown with, something that i’ve seen

every summer since i was 11 or so. and it’s a nice little ceremony. it’s kinda

like it’s a part of me now, the boy scouts and all, it’s going to be hard

to let them go completely, i should stop telling people that i was a boy scout.

but it’s hard to even do that. you know, it’s been such a huge part of my

life in the past years. grrr. damn boy scouts. i think my dad scared adam,

he came home and started yelling at andy cause he didn’t get the things done

that he was supposed to get done. so yeah, adam left. but we had a good time

this morning. well i’m heading to work, laters all.

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