July 10, 2001

july 10th [bush, "alien"] ok well today’s been a great and wornderful

day, it didn’t start out that way though. i got up and went swimming today

about 12. that was cool. i knew my dad would be home soon and he’d want to

go swimming so i just left the cover off of it. he got home and went out there

to go swimming, then he comes in after he went swimming and says "you

can’t put the cover on the pool when you’re done with it" and i said

"i didn’t put it on cause i knew you’d be home soon and want to go swimming"

to that he just repeated what he started with and i just ignored him. then

later i cut up some califlower to eat and i left the trimmings on the counter.

well he somes over and goes, "what you think you’re a guest in this house,

you don’t have to clean up after yourself" and i go "no i wasn’t

done yet." and then he goes on to say "well you know you’re not

a guest in this house, you could help clean up some around here" and

i just wanted to fucking scream at him. that stupid bastard, you know i’m

home like 3 hours a day other then when i sleep, i work 40 hours a fucking

week just like you do, just because it’s different hours doesn’t mean i don’t

work just as much as you do, and also i don’t eat here, so i don’t get dishes

dirty, i do all my own laundry, so all that’s left is the floors and unlike

him, i take my shoes off when i come in the door. so i don’t track through

the house. and then the other day, i did _all_ the dishes, washed them by

hand and everything. well instead of them putting them away or using them

they just left them there and piled more dirty dishes on top of them and empty

pop cans i just wanted to scream at them for that, i spent like 2 hours cleaning

those and they just wasted them all. grrrr. i hate my parents. then i went

to work, it was ok. people were overly rude today though and that got me in

a pissy mood. but then after work i went out to the loop and met up with adam.

that was *_REALLY_* cool. we met there with tara (i’m pretty sure that’s her

name) and xak, adam and i laid on the ground, adam had his head on my chest

and it was just soooooo great. i was like, oh yeah. lol. we just sat there

and talked for a while, then we went and mingled, there weren’t many people

there that we knew, so we just hung out and talked. it was a really great

night there though. i was happy, it put me in a great mood. so yeah, great

times, but then the whole damn 12:30 cerfew thing happeend so we had to leave,

i really didn’t want to leave, damn adam’s parents and the whole damn age

thing, hehe. oh well, it’s all good. he was talking about coming over here

tomorrow, errr, well i guess it’s today now, but yeah….oh yeah, jules claims

there’s a problem with the journal archives, "the text is all white"if you seem to be having the same problem e-mail me or something, and i’ll

look into it, cause i’m not having that problem

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