My Life

July 8, 2001

july 8, [REM, "try not to breathe"] ok well today’s been today

so far. work was ok. we had a shit load of stuff to do though cause the night

person and then morning crew didn’t do thier jobs, with just two of us there

we got it all done though, so that was cool. we worked our asses off though.

about 5 or so adam called and he wanted to do something tonight, but i had

to work tell 7, so i called him back after work and he couldn’t do anything

cause he didn’t weedeat the yard and he got in trouble, damn parents. that

messed up my plans for the night, so now i’m just sitting around waiting to

see if other people are around. cause i want to go do something tonight. since

i didn’t get to last night and the night before adam and i stayed here. that

was great and all, but three days of not going to the loop, OMG. i can’t beleive

it, no actually it’s kinda nice not going there everynight, but tonight i’m

in a go out type mood. well i’m going to get off the phone now so people can

call. laters all.

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