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July 8, 2001

July 8, [lifehouse, "unknown"] ok well today had just been wierd.

well i went to work at 3 like i was supposed to, and the afternoon went normal,

nothing really happened there. but then tonight about 10 after karen the manager

left, we started having problems. there’d been this kid in there for like

2 hours talking on the phone, and he finally left, but then a short biut after

he left a lady came in and said there was a kid in the parking lot with a

gun. and we were like ohhhhh shit, so we locked the store down and shit and

called the cops. well like 3 showed up and one DNR guy. there was a gun, but

it was just a pellet gun, so it was good. i saw it when they took it off the

kid and i was like, omg. it really did look real. they took care of that shit

and left. but then shortly after they left this other guy came in. he’d been

in there all day and had just left when the cops started showing up. but he’s

in there all the time. but yeah ok well the lady that was working was like,

i don’t want to be left here alone with that guy and i was like, neither do

i. so i stayed and we called the cops on him to have him removed cause we

had talked to dustin the local cop before he left about him being in there

cause he was there for a LONG time today. but the shierff showed up and they

hung out there tell dustin got done processing that kid with the gun. and

then dustin came back and i don’t really know what happened, but i’m guessin

he just gave him a ticket or something, but he got him out of there. so yeah,

fun and excitment at kum and go. by the time i got out of there it wa too

late to go out, so i was just like, alright, i’m stayin here, so i called

vero and told them. i wanted to go out tonight. i was really in a mood to

go with people, but by the time i got out of kum and go and got home to change

it would have been 12 already and yeah, that would of only given me like 30

minutes before people would have started wanting to go home. so yeah. that’s

the story for tonight. dean and i talked for a bit too. hehe we were talking

about the whole july 15th road trip and i guess he asked jules if he wanted

to stay and dean’s apartment and he was asking me if adam and i wanted to

stay too, and i’m cool with it, but we’ll have to run it past adma’s parents

too. that could be a bit of a problem, but it would be a good place for us

all to watch movies, you know QaF. cause we could borrow jules DVD player

and stuff. yeah. i think this road trip will be really fun shit. ok i’m relaly

tired so i’m going to head to bed, night all

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