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Party Down – Geek Style!

Omg, I had so much fucking fun last night!

I went to a GEEK PARTY! And boy do those geeks know how to party!

Anyways, I met up with Mark for lunch and then went home and biked and sat around the house doing work.

Then I went up to Garden Grove and had a wonderful time there.

There were some really cute geeks there too, sadly even though they were giving off family vibes, they were all straight. 🙁 There was one that was from Brazil too, and he was SO CUTE, but I dunno if it was just the accent or not. haha. They all had really fun name spellings too, One was named Skylar, but he spelled it really wierd, and another named Christian, but he spelled it really funny too. Anyways, I had 4 Jack and Cokes, and 1 151+Coke.. haha. I was pretty drunk. But Mark kept buying me drinks!

I also met this older guy there who I talked to for a while, turns out he’s family, so that’s cool.

I met some amazing people as well last night, like the original 2600 guy (Captin Crunch, for those in the know)! Hello, how fucking cool is that!

Might go back tonight and hang out with them all again, dunno. I’ll see how tired I am… I got home about 1ish, but couldn’t sleep so I’ve got maybe an hour or two of sleep today.

God, I feel like a geek!

My Life

Late Nights… Stressed Relations

Good morning everyone.

Well, things have been going a bit better since I last updated. I’m starting to enjoy my job more. Though it’s still no Krell and no dream job. That’s for sure. I’m really starting to get into the grove of this whole late night thing… Hence the reason why I’m away currently.

As far as the job goes, I think I’ve finally met everyone that works there. The other night I met a few of the engineers who were putting in an all nighter, because one of the servers went down. As far as the actual work goes, I have yet to really do ANYTHING. I haven’t taken any calls yet from the UK and we usually start getting calls about 7:30, for simple things like password resets or something like that. So it’s not that bad. The worst part of the job is being the ONLY person in that HUGE office building at night. It gets very scary sometimes and since we don’t have a bathroom in the office… You have to go outside the office and into the community part of the floor, I really hate going to the bathroom.

Also the whole entire office building smells very wierd. I don’t know what it is, but it almost makes me sick sometimes.

Speaking of being sick. I was the other morning. I spent the first hour and a half dry heaving into the trash can at work… I finally actually threw up about 1:30 and after that felt much better. Though I was still sickish feeling the rest of the night. I was also very tired that night for some reason and kept drifting in and out of sleep….

When all you’re doing is reading a book, it gets easy to do that.

Also they have YET to get me my pfizer login’s so I really can’t do any actual work if anyone does call… About all I can do is take the call, and tell them that we’ll call them back later. It’s sad really.

I am a bit frustrated with it because the help desk manageer, who gets in at 5:00ish is very annoying. He makes this REALLY annoying sound with his mouth. And he also barks/growls at the computer. It’s VERY VERY annoying. He also smells wierd.

As for other things, the roomie and his bf and I are getting along very well. Things are going good and I’m glad that he’s so cool. Tonight his bf and I went out driving to Dana Point and Laguna Beach area. That was lots of fun. We visited Ty at the art gallery… Which is very scary, FYI.

We drove around for like 2 or 3 hours and also stopped at a Porn store, Gay Coffee shop, and also Top of the World… Which was VERY pretty. I can’t wait for Andrew to get back so that we can go there.

After the driving around we met Ty at a restuarant and ate dinner. We had horrible service as normal. It followed me from IOWA! Scary shit, eh!

Andrew and I have been having a bit of a tiff the last couple days and it’s really starting to make me worry/very sad. The other night he said that he wasn’t in the mood to talk, because he had been Chit Chatting all night long. I was upset by this, but just said, “Ok fine. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.”

I was upset because I had really just wanted to talk to him for a while about stuff because I really need his support right now. But I was alright with letting him go and go to bed. He scensed (sp) the annoyance and we got into an argument about it….

Well basically we’ve been arguing about that for a while now and it’s really starting to eat at me. Hopefully we can get thigns settled this weekend because I don’t want this to go on for another second.

I really wanted to get it settled today, but when he called me to say goodnight he still sounded very annoyed about something.

I really don’t want to be in an argument with him right now. It’s the last thing that I/we Need. And especially over something so stupid.

I do want to write though about how much I miss him. I told him this the other night but also wanted to write about it….

Over the last year we’ve had to say goodbye so many times. The hardest was by far the first time, back in August when he started school. The easiest was when I left to come back to Iowa after being here for a week in April…. Each time when I came back I really ddin’t miss him as much as I had the first time. Because I had become accustomed to not having him around, sure I still missed him, but I was used to living my life without him…

Well this time it’s hard again, very hard. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m guessing that it’s just the huge change that I’m going through right now in my life. I really need someone to support me and to lay in bed with and have them hold me… Or even just someone to give me a hug every once in a while… Or maybe it’s the fact that Ty and Chris are so boyfriendy around each other that it just makes me miss having my boyfriend all the more…

But whatever it is, I miss Andrew SO much now, as much, if not more then I missed him back in August. And we stil have 55 days before he comes back out here. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle that. I might have to make a trip back to Iowa yet this summer.

Well, I should probably be going. So laters all.

Around The Globe


Well here’s day two coming to a close. Today has been yet another long day.

Last night after dinner was pretty damn annoying. We were all going to go out, but like everyone couldn’t decide where to go, and people were all like, “I wanna shower” and then once they were done showering, a bunch of other people were like, “I wanna run in and do this, or that” and it was just super annoying. We sat outside waiting for like 40 minutes and then finally everyone was just like lets go. But we were supposed to still be waiting for two people, and it was just a mess. I went to bed.

Got up at 6:45 just as yesterday and I think every other day is going to be. It’s very pretty here in the morning, After my shower I ran up to third floor and sat by the pool watching the sunrise. Again, another wonderful day that I wish Drew Bear could have seen.

From the pool was breakfast, this morning I had french toast, and it was pretty good, actually It was REALLY good. 😀

Today we went to Celestun national wildlife refuge. It was so pretty there. On the drive there though, and again on the drive back, I got VERY annoyed. Vi was siting in the middle of me and some other girl, and she was crossing her legs and moving all over the place, and taking up so much of the fucking seat. I was very annoyed by it.

We also stopped in this little town and went through the food market there. It smelled so good, and you could just smell all the fruits and veggies and it was so nice. There was also this HUGE church there again. It’s amazing how many huge churches there are here.

Once we got to the wildlife place it was pretty cool. We got in this boat and drove over to where the flamingos were. And boy were there a TON of them. It was like a sea of pink flamingos! As we were coming up on them, you could just see this pink line on the horizon, it looked as if the sun were setting or something. Apparently the lake/rive thing is only a few feet deep because there were people walking all through it fishing and stuff. It was really cool.

After seeing the flamingos we headed through the Mangrove forest, another thing that Adam would have LOVED because all the trees were so cool, and you could see these HUGE arial roots hanging down and going into the water.

Once done with those, we went over to a cenote. I think this was like the coolest part of everything. The water was so fresh and clear, and you could see where it was bubbling up from, and the mangrove trees were all around and everything. It was so pretty. I wanted to go swimming there, but I hadn’t worn my suit, so I didn’t. But a bunch of other people did and it was just a lot of fun there. I think it would have been a place Andrew would have liked.

He and I will definitely have to come down sometime in the future again.

Once everyone was done swimming we headed back to where we started and then packed the vans back in and headed to the beach.

We ate at this REALLY cute little place RIGHT on the beach and it was so pretty there.

But before we ate, we all went swimming in the ocean. The ocean here was very shelly and really neat, like ALL over the beach there were whole and broken shell bits and pieces. I also finally found something to get for Drew, I think he’ll really like it.

There my back got a little burned, but the rest of me isn’t turning colors. It’s very annoying cause I want to tan before I get to Cali in a couple weeks.

Once we were done eating and everything at the beach we all piled back into the van and drove back to the hotel. Again, Vi used me as a fucking back rest and it was VERY annoying because she was wet and kept moving around. I couldn’t sleep. But everyone else did.

I did get my time sleeping though. Once we got back to the hotel about 5, I went to sleep and just woke up a little bit ago. I feel very refreshed now and am wanting to go out. HOpefully tonight we can all actually go out and not get stuck doing nothing while waiting for everyone to get ready.

I also want to mention how many hot mexicans there are here. I really want to go make out with one, just to say. ‘I’ve made out with a random mexican!” lol. Though I don’t think Andrew would approve.

Anyways, I’m still having a good time even though I’m getting fairly annoyed with a bunch of people. I can’t wait to find out what the rest of the week holds in store for us.

Laters all!

My Life

April 8, 2001

april 8, #4. so i’m talking to danny right now, yeah, i dunno, he just seems

so, i guess out of it. it feels kidna like we’re falling apart or something,

i dunno. putting this here’s not going to fix the problem, but i just needed

some where to think about it. we’ve just kinda fallen into a grove and yeah,

i mean. i still love him, i think about him when he’s not here, and i worry

about him when he seems down. but it’s just i dunno, maybe it’s that were

not an everyday part of each others lives, we’re not there to be with each

other, or something. i wish so badly that we could be together, but i know

that we can’t be, at least not now. sometimes i just wanna cry. I’m going

to go now.