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  • Party Down – Geek Style!

    Omg, I had so much fucking fun last night! I went to a GEEK PARTY! And boy do those geeks know how to party! Anyways, I met up with Mark for lunch and then went home and biked and sat around the house doing work. Then I went up to Garden Grove and had a […]

  • Late Nights… Stressed Relations

    Good morning everyone. Well, things have been going a bit better since I last updated. I’m starting to enjoy my job more. Though it’s still no Krell and no dream job. That’s for sure. I’m really starting to get into the grove of this whole late night thing… Hence the reason why I’m away currently. […]

  • Celestun

    Well here’s day two coming to a close. Today has been yet another long day. Last night after dinner was pretty damn annoying. We were all going to go out, but like everyone couldn’t decide where to go, and people were all like, “I wanna shower” and then once they were done showering, a bunch […]

  • April 8, 2001

    april 8, #4. so i’m talking to danny right now, yeah, i dunno, he just seems so, i guess out of it. it feels kidna like we’re falling apart or something, i dunno. putting this here’s not going to fix the problem, but i just needed some where to think about it. we’ve just kinda […]