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Party Down – Geek Style!

Omg, I had so much fucking fun last night!

I went to a GEEK PARTY! And boy do those geeks know how to party!

Anyways, I met up with Mark for lunch and then went home and biked and sat around the house doing work.

Then I went up to Garden Grove and had a wonderful time there.

There were some really cute geeks there too, sadly even though they were giving off family vibes, they were all straight. 🙁 There was one that was from Brazil too, and he was SO CUTE, but I dunno if it was just the accent or not. haha. They all had really fun name spellings too, One was named Skylar, but he spelled it really wierd, and another named Christian, but he spelled it really funny too. Anyways, I had 4 Jack and Cokes, and 1 151+Coke.. haha. I was pretty drunk. But Mark kept buying me drinks!

I also met this older guy there who I talked to for a while, turns out he’s family, so that’s cool.

I met some amazing people as well last night, like the original 2600 guy (Captin Crunch, for those in the know)! Hello, how fucking cool is that!

Might go back tonight and hang out with them all again, dunno. I’ll see how tired I am… I got home about 1ish, but couldn’t sleep so I’ve got maybe an hour or two of sleep today.

God, I feel like a geek!

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I met Captin Crunch a couple of times. Every year at ISU, the CompSci club would take a trip down to University of IL Ubana-Champaigne for a CS convention. He was there every year. There was always a geek party at that too.

OH the memories… Captin Crunch is an interesting guy…

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