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Dorian & Morrison

So I went and saw Dorian Blues yesterday… It was AMAZING! The best gay movie I’ve ever seen… Lots of sarcastic humor which everyone knows I love. Plus it was sad and made me cry… Everyone should go see it!

Yesterday was also a very productive day in the coding area. I got so much done! But I really have to start using functions more in PHP. I hate that I never really got into using them in HS because now I just never use them here either. lol

I’ve been invited to the Astricon party tonight. Not sure if I’ll go or not. I didn’t get much sleep last night.

I’ve been having two recurring dreams lately. One Happy Sad, the other Sad Sad. 🙁 Very random.

Also, if I ever have boys, I’m going to name them Dorian and Morrison. Such hot names!

OH! One last thing… Apple announced a TON of new really fucking cool products yesterday… Including the VIDEO iPOD! How fucking sweet! Too bad I already have a4th Gen one… I can’t justify buying this one. 🙁 Maybe when the next revision comes out.

Adios all!

EDIT:// I’m sorry, I keep editing this post, but I keep thinking of things I wanted to talk about!

Apparently the OCBSA doesnt’t really want adult leaders… Because I have now e-mailed 4 people in the District office and only ONE of them has got back to me.. THe only thing he said, “E-mail so-and-so”. I had already e-mailed him. It’s been over a week now since I last e-mailed someone! Bah!

And the fucking stock market needs to STOP GOING DOWN! Two of my funds are nearly back to where they were back in Jan… All the others are still up though so that’s good. Fucking stocks!

And LASTLY (I swear this time). I got the new IS250 pricing… Sadly, the model I wanted (With navi) is about 3k out of my price range now. I can still get the base IS250. But I think Lexus is completly gone out of my line up now. 🙁

I Lied… THREE more things

1. The new movie… Nanny McPhee… Looks like a total rip off, and a horrible movie.

2. I randomly found a reciept in a book I was reading yesterday… The reciept was from 3/19/2002 From the Ankeny Hy-Vee deli for Chinese food. Haha. Oh how those days were fun!

3. The new iTunes is AMAZING! I just watched the introduction of all the new products (Get the link from my digg stories at right). OMG, I want one of the new iMacs too.. AMAZING AMAZAING AMAZING! I love apple!

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d’oh i still haven’t watched dorian blues. everyone cancelled on my yesterday! ugh. i’m really excited to see it now. if it’s as sad as you say it is, maybe i should see it by myself.. wouldn’t want to end up bawling in front of people i know. haha. oh and i also wanna name my kid dorian.. hopefully the hubby would agree

btw i noticed you’ve dugg a ton of apple stuff today. no surprise there eh. lol they’re just awesome

I like those two boy names. I think about names even though I don’t really want to have children…

Yeah, same here. I don’t really plan on having kids. But when I see a nice name I like to point it out… Maybe I’ll force my cousin Beak to name her son one of those names! That is is she has another kid!

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