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Well here’s day two coming to a close. Today has been yet another long day.

Last night after dinner was pretty damn annoying. We were all going to go out, but like everyone couldn’t decide where to go, and people were all like, “I wanna shower” and then once they were done showering, a bunch of other people were like, “I wanna run in and do this, or that” and it was just super annoying. We sat outside waiting for like 40 minutes and then finally everyone was just like lets go. But we were supposed to still be waiting for two people, and it was just a mess. I went to bed.

Got up at 6:45 just as yesterday and I think every other day is going to be. It’s very pretty here in the morning, After my shower I ran up to third floor and sat by the pool watching the sunrise. Again, another wonderful day that I wish Drew Bear could have seen.

From the pool was breakfast, this morning I had french toast, and it was pretty good, actually It was REALLY good. 😀

Today we went to Celestun national wildlife refuge. It was so pretty there. On the drive there though, and again on the drive back, I got VERY annoyed. Vi was siting in the middle of me and some other girl, and she was crossing her legs and moving all over the place, and taking up so much of the fucking seat. I was very annoyed by it.

We also stopped in this little town and went through the food market there. It smelled so good, and you could just smell all the fruits and veggies and it was so nice. There was also this HUGE church there again. It’s amazing how many huge churches there are here.

Once we got to the wildlife place it was pretty cool. We got in this boat and drove over to where the flamingos were. And boy were there a TON of them. It was like a sea of pink flamingos! As we were coming up on them, you could just see this pink line on the horizon, it looked as if the sun were setting or something. Apparently the lake/rive thing is only a few feet deep because there were people walking all through it fishing and stuff. It was really cool.

After seeing the flamingos we headed through the Mangrove forest, another thing that Adam would have LOVED because all the trees were so cool, and you could see these HUGE arial roots hanging down and going into the water.

Once done with those, we went over to a cenote. I think this was like the coolest part of everything. The water was so fresh and clear, and you could see where it was bubbling up from, and the mangrove trees were all around and everything. It was so pretty. I wanted to go swimming there, but I hadn’t worn my suit, so I didn’t. But a bunch of other people did and it was just a lot of fun there. I think it would have been a place Andrew would have liked.

He and I will definitely have to come down sometime in the future again.

Once everyone was done swimming we headed back to where we started and then packed the vans back in and headed to the beach.

We ate at this REALLY cute little place RIGHT on the beach and it was so pretty there.

But before we ate, we all went swimming in the ocean. The ocean here was very shelly and really neat, like ALL over the beach there were whole and broken shell bits and pieces. I also finally found something to get for Drew, I think he’ll really like it.

There my back got a little burned, but the rest of me isn’t turning colors. It’s very annoying cause I want to tan before I get to Cali in a couple weeks.

Once we were done eating and everything at the beach we all piled back into the van and drove back to the hotel. Again, Vi used me as a fucking back rest and it was VERY annoying because she was wet and kept moving around. I couldn’t sleep. But everyone else did.

I did get my time sleeping though. Once we got back to the hotel about 5, I went to sleep and just woke up a little bit ago. I feel very refreshed now and am wanting to go out. HOpefully tonight we can all actually go out and not get stuck doing nothing while waiting for everyone to get ready.

I also want to mention how many hot mexicans there are here. I really want to go make out with one, just to say. ‘I’ve made out with a random mexican!” lol. Though I don’t think Andrew would approve.

Anyways, I’m still having a good time even though I’m getting fairly annoyed with a bunch of people. I can’t wait to find out what the rest of the week holds in store for us.

Laters all!

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