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Wow, I can’t believe another day has gone by already. And since I last wrote, so much has happened. I can’t even begin to tell you all how great it is here, and how much I wish my drew bear were here to see it all. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Last night after dinner a small group of us was going to go out, 4 of us to be exact. However, the straggler came along, and then we invited Omar along too, which was cool. Cause I wanted to get to know him better. I have a feeling he’s gay, or just a really good metrosexual. He talks about girls to much though, so I’m leaning more towards the metrosexual.

Well, anyways so we all headed out. First we went to this place which was actually kinda cool. But drinks were just as expensive as if we were going to go drink in the states, so we stayed there a while, and watched the HOT singer guy. Man was he hot! After that we all decided to try out this bar we had heard about which had “free” drinks for women. Cause we were just two guys at the time, and were going to have the girls get us drinks and just bring them to the guys.

But before heading there we came back to the hotel and Omar changed, and brought Joe along for the excitement, so now we were up to 7 people. Which is a bit unwieldily. Anyways, we headed over to that place and as soon as we got inside it was really shady.

At first, it was the girls could get any drink for free, then they had to pay $60 pesos and they could get any drink, then it was they had to pay and they could only get a drink with tequila, then it was they had to pay but they could only get straight alcohol and they had to buy the juice on top of it all. It was really crazy. So we all got one drink, and then the owner came over and was speaking very good english and asked that the girls all go dance ON the bar and they’d get free drinks. Well the obviously didn’t want to do that, but we talked him into us just dancing and we’d all get a shot of tequila.

So we all went out there and danced for like 15 minutes on this balcony thing they had, and everyone in the bar was just staring at us. It was so degrading. And then we go down there and it wasn’t shots, it was like this thing, and he poured as much into your mouth as you could get. But it was ALL just juice, with like maybe ONE shot in the whole thing. And it was a BIG ass jug of stuff, cause there was enough for all 7 of us, and then a bunch left over. It was such a rip off.

After that we all left and complained the whole way home about how the drinks we’re strong enough. Cause all of us had had enough to at least feel a little bit of a buzz, but nothing.

I also want to bitch right now about how much everyone is really starting to get on my nerves. Like EVERY ten minutes there’s someone telling me that my face is really red and asking if I’ve put on sun block, and it’s like, YES, YES I HAVE! Now leave me alone, I’m a big boy, I can FEEL that my face is burnt, I can SEE that my face is burnt, and I know how to fucking take care of it. So just leave me the fuck alone! It gets really aggravating after a while that everyone keeps asking me about it all. Grrr.

Well, I’m going to break for a while, I have to save something to write about at 7 tonight when we have journal writing time. You all can look forward to Uxmal, and LOTS of ruins and fun shit! Man it was so fun, and so pretty. I really really wish drew bear was here. I can’t express enough how much I miss him. In fact, I think right now I might go to the internet cafe and e-mail him. If I can get change for my $200.

Laters all.

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