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Ok, I’m back, it’s a few hours later. I guess I’ll go ahead and start off at what we did this morning. Obviously we did the normal breakfast thing, and then went off to our first stop, which were some really cool ruins, I mean, like these were just amazing to see these old old temples and stuff all around the place.

The first one we couldn’t climb, but we went back in farther and they just kept getting cooler and cooler. Finally we got all the way back to the last one and it was absolutely HUGE, a bunch of us climbed it, it was probably like a couple hundred feet tall. And the view from the top was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. The only other place that I’ve seen such a great view was from the top of the Tooth of Time in Philmont. I took a great panoramic picture from up there, I just wish that I could do the panoramic thing now so that I can see how it all turns out.

The steps though were so steep and coming back down I though i was going to fall and die. lol. But we all made it down safe and sound. After that we went back to the front and I bought three shirts for $100 pesos. I hope that the people I got them for like them. After I got home I noticed that one of them wasn’t the one that I wanted, but it’s still cute I think. I really like the one I got for my dad, and I want to keep it for myself. But I’ll have to give it to him.

Umm, after that we went to these other ruins which were really neat. Not as cool as the first ones, but still really cool. The steps there were like 10 times more steep though.

It was ungodly hot out everyone, and my arms finally are starting to get some sun, which is nice.

Umm, there’s really not to much to say about the ruins, except that they were ruins and really cool. I wished that Andrew could have been there because they were some cool fucking ruins, and he would have really enjoyed the history behind them and stuff, at least I think that he would have. I took a shit load of pictures for him to see. So far it’s over 800 pics total for my camera since I bought it and almost 200 just for this trip alone. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

After we got back from the ruins we went swimming, at least a small group of us did. It was really cold in the pool though so we didn’t stay long. Once we were all done hanging out there I went and showered and then wrote that previous entry.

Since then I’ve been a bit sad. I went out front to just sit and ran into a couple people, and asked what they were doing. one of them was going to an internet cafe, so I told her that I wanted to go do that too. But we had a few other things to do real quick like first. Well those things took a bit longer, so by the time I got to the internet cafe I just had enough time to leave him a quick message on his journal. Though Sulie (sp?) who was with me needed to use the computer and after I was done, I just sat there and cried a little, because just seeing his journal again, and reading about what he’s been doing, even though his updating has sucked since I’ve been gone, just made me miss him a lot more.

After that I came back and listened to a little bit of the cranberries before I had to run to this thing, and write my journal entry for the night. I don’t really have much more to say about the whole trip, but eh. whatever.

I don’t really feel like I fit into any of the groups of people. I mean, we have Aaron and Liz, but they’re together, so I always just feel like the third wheel. then there’s Omar, Tyron, and Joe, and they’re always going off, but I never seem to really get invited to come with them, so yeah. Then there’s Tim, who’s a major outcast and I can’t stand, so I don’t really talk to him.

Then there’s all the girls, which I’m getting along with. We’ve all made plans to go to the Redlight sometime after we get back, I think that will be fun. But at the same time I just don’t really feel like I fit in completely there either. It always seems like they’re going out and doing stuff while I just sit in my room. Oh well, I mean it’s only a week and we all can’t spend every minute of every day with each other, other wise they’d just annoy me even more then they already do.

I also really wish that I could blab more about Andrew, like I bring him up every once in a while, it seems as though all the girls are getting married, or have lt’s, but then once I bring up Andrew they all seem to get uncomfortable. Which is a little annoying, I mean I can understand some of it, but they all seem semi ok, and semi not ok. Who knows really.

But I do really miss drew bear and i want to move there so badly in June. I can’t wait to see him in April, and I really want to just spend the whole layover in Houston talking to him. That’d be really nice.

Tomorrow we’re going to villages, which I’m understanding are like a 2-3 hour bus ride out to them. Now that seems hellish, and it IS hellish mostly because we’re taking PUBLIC transportation, AND it’s not air conditioned. I have NO idea what we are going to do out in these villages all day, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the whole thing.

Oh, I forgot to mention. We found out the other day that they have 11 inches of snow in Iowa today. How sucky is that! I’m so glad that I’m in Mexico…(I just wrote Cali, deleted it, wrote it again… How messed up am I).

Well, laters all.

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