My Life

April 8, 2001

april 8, #4. so i’m talking to danny right now, yeah, i dunno, he just seems

so, i guess out of it. it feels kidna like we’re falling apart or something,

i dunno. putting this here’s not going to fix the problem, but i just needed

some where to think about it. we’ve just kinda fallen into a grove and yeah,

i mean. i still love him, i think about him when he’s not here, and i worry

about him when he seems down. but it’s just i dunno, maybe it’s that were

not an everyday part of each others lives, we’re not there to be with each

other, or something. i wish so badly that we could be together, but i know

that we can’t be, at least not now. sometimes i just wanna cry. I’m going

to go now.

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