My Life

April 9, 2001

april 9. so it’s almost noon here, and it’s just a plain sucky ass day. i

miss danny so much already. damnit. i talked to him about that thing yesterday.

and he said that we should take some time apart. i don’t really agree with

that. i dunno. i wrote him a letter yesterday. it was damn long. i didn’t

sleep at alll last night. this sucks so much. it’s just like, everything is

just ripping me apart. i can’t stand it. i really didn’t want to get out of

bed this morning. i just wanted to lay there and think about him. damnit.

i dunno. i’ve got 5 more weeks here, only 5 weeks left. then i’ll be home

for 3 weeks, then i’m gone for the rest of the summer. it’s going to suck

so much. damnit.

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