My Life

April 9, 2001

april 9, #2, so danny called tonight, just for like a couple mibnutes, it

was so good to hear his voice. i love his voice. but you know what really

sucks about this whole thing, it’s that saturday, this saturday is our 5 month

anniversiary and we won’t be talking. we’ll be apart on our 5 month ann. this

really sucks. damnit. right now i need him in my life more then ever, everything

is just ripping me apart from the inside. i don’t want to go home this weekend,

i really really don’t, damnit. i want him to be here, right now i need him,

but he’s not here. i wish he were more open about things to. someitmes i just

feel like he’s down, but he doesn’t talk about it. i wish he would talk to

me about some of these things, i love him, i want to be there for him when

he needs me, and i wish he were he where i need him. and i need him now. but

he’s not here. i’m so sad right now. i just want to cry.<

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