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April 10, 2001

april 10. today’s pretty shitty too. yeah, life sucks at the moment. i need

out of here. i should be studying for that test in government that’s over

300 pages in the book, but i really don’t want to. i’ve got a test in accounting

on tues, the day after we get back, the bastards. oh well it’s earlier then

normal so it shouldn’t inturupt to much. i went jogging last night and i think

i pulled something, i’m in so much fucking pain right now. my asthma was really

acting up last night to. i should get that looked into. i did once, a long

time ago, but i never took the meds, cause it didn’t bother me any, but now

it’s starting to get pretty bad. i didn’t even make a quarter mile before

i had to stop and rest. i dunno. i need to do alot of things, but i never

get them done. i talked to j

again last night. he’s pretty cool i guess. i think he’s pretty closed minded

then, he didn’t really want to classify himself though, so yeah. i dunno.

i was going to actually talk to him this morning, but i haven’t seen him all

day. i really want to talk to danny though. as julian

put is "much boy confusion." at the moment. crosswinds really needs

to get fixed soon this is pissing me off. i have so much to do right now.

i officially sent in my rejection of the job offer yesterday, it was really

hard for me to do it. my parents are just bieng such ass holes about it all

and stuff. it’s like. they were all supportive about my wanting to take the

offer and go work out there, but then i got that other offer there at mitigwa,

and they told my G&G about it, and my grandma is just nuts about her precious

little grandchildren leaving the state. and yeah, i think she’s behind most

of it, but i don’t know, as long as if i get into college out there, they

let me go, that’s what i really want. "Current Status: Your application

has been received and is being reviewed. Thank you for applying to Penn State."

yeah, it’s been received, they better get back to me damn soon though, or

i’m going to be pissed cause i have to get all that shit filled out and soon.

i also have to do the whole housing crap and yeah, man i got so much to do

right now. it’s tuesday.

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