Line-Item Veto

Ok, why are Republicans so stupid!…

“The Senate’s high-profile ethics and lobbying reform bill was sidetracked yesterday after conservatives voted against further consideration of the bill because it didn’t include an amendment giving President Bush line-item veto power, the ability to single out individual spending items in legislation for elimination.

Umm, last I checked Line-Item Veto was ruled unconstitutional back in 1998. So why are we pushing for it again?

Ten foods you should never eat. Why do they all look so tasty!

OMG. I was laughing sooo hard at that video!

Amazing shot of Toyko at night. I think I wanna go there this year. Maybe if I’m still talking to Mayko in November he can come with! haha

I want this waterfall in my house.

Check out these COOL Soviet Era bus stops! The real question is why are the all out in the middle of NO WHERE?

Apparently you can still cancel your Verizon contract even if you have a txting plan. However, it seems that Cingular doesn’t want your business until the iPhone actually does come out.

Detox your diet. I’m gonna have to start having more green tea or something.

The Aids/Lifecycle Campsites have been announced.. check them out. So who’s coming to which nights to hang out with me? haha.

And now for some real news. I posted a while back that my building was for sale, etc. Well, on Monday the boss called me and I had a total Office Space moment. The boss asked that I send him a list of what I do, and how much time it takes up. I could honestly only account for about 50% of my time. Since before Christmas, no new projects have been sent to me and I don’t have any LONG TERM projects that really keep me busy. Well today, he calls me again and basically said that they want me to start working out of that office 3 days a week so that they can integrate me on some other projects down there. Because PHS hasn’t fully utilized my time like they kept talking about when I moved up here! UGH.

WHAT TO DO!? :'(

But either way, starting Monday I will be in Newport Beach M,W,F and Santa Monica T,R.
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I’ve invited 23 people to go out tonight for my B-Day. So far 1 person has said for sure, and 3 have said “maybe”. We’ll see how this goes.


10 thoughts on “Line-Item Veto”

  1. Loved the Bunny video and I want all ten foods on that list, well, except for the Campbells soup. I’ll pass on that. The Jeep waterfall was really cool too. Thanks for posting all those.

  2. Yeah, Kevin seems to get himself in those situations a lot.. I dunno how he manages to do it!

    I’m addicted to youtube, what can I say! Glad you liked them!

  3. I don’t think I have 23 to even invite anywhere!

    Doesn’t matter though, think I’ll going to stay up here that weekend.

  4. Most of them are just people I hang out with once or twice and then never really talk to again… As of now, with 2 hours before we get to the club, there are only 2 confirmed people coming!

    When is your b-day again?

  5. Green tea also has lots of antioxidants! Helps prevent colon cancer! A great alternative to coffee! I think I read somewhere that it does break down Thiamin…not necessarily bad as long as you don’t like OD on green tea or something!

  6. Statistically I always knew I was a nobody, but has confirmed that I do not exist: There are zero of me.

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