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Lighten Up a Little!

So after I posted the new layout, I put up a thing on the Forums to get feedback it. OMG! These people seriously need to take a chill pill. The complaints they had:

1) The colors are hidious.

2) When I increase the font, it screws everything up

3) You should “always” use a Sans Serif Font

4) The font is to small

5) Include IE hacks.

Ok. Lets go with these in order

1) If the colors are so bad, then why don’t you fucking suggest some better ones? OH WAIT! Your blog is just a fucking STANDARD WORDPRESS THEME that any idiot can download!

2,3,4) All dealing with the font. OK, first off. I keep my monitors at the HIGHEST resolution possible. I have NO PROBLEM reading the font size. It’s a standard 12point font! And are you serious? The black font is to hard to read!? WTF! Are these people like 80 year olds who forgot to put on the glasses this mornig? Now in all honesty, yes the WHITE LINKS are hard to read. I’m trying to find a solution I like for it.

5) NO, I will not include IE hacks. IE should learn to play with the rest of the world correctly. And you are not “Stuck” with IE, it takes 10 seconds to go to the Firefox page and download it. IE is 60% of my page views, and although I’m sure it looks perfectly FINE in IE. I prefer to have the message to support a new browser and not M$ dominance. What’s so wrong about that.

Seriously, this is a personal blog. I was asking for general feedback, not to be torn apart. Looking for constructive help is fine, if you’ve got something to ADD to it, then let me know. Don’t just make basic comments.

I watched Beauty and the Geek last night. OMG, can Niels get any HOTTER?! Holy shit, that’s the boy I wanna marry! Someone find me one of my own.

Speaking of boys, Nic came over last night as well and we hung out for a while. That was good to chill with him again. He’s turned down the last 3 invites I put forth. Mayko also called me late last night and we chatted for a bit. I had a really funny story for him. I’d like to repeat it here, but it’s a bit too graphic.

I put up a new pic on Myspace, and I’ve seriously been getting 4-5 real people messaging me every day! It sure makes me feel good. But when I’m chatting with them I can never remember who is who! lol. I’d like to hang out with all of them, but there’s just not enough time.

Nothing else really to report, so I’m out.

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I don’t understand, what were you expecting when you asked for feedback? You got quite a bit of constructive help that you apparently didn’t like or simply chose not to use. If you don’t want other people’s opinions then don’t ask for them, sounds simple enough to me.

As far as “not being stuck with IE,” you don’t know all the circumstances surrounding other people’s browsing experiences. Some people ARE only able to use IE. If you’re not concerned about whether people are able to easily view your site then, again, why bother asking for feedback?

I noticed you failed to mention that you also got a fair amount of compliments on your theme as well.

Overall, my feeling is this: If YOU like your theme well enough then go for it, use the theme as is and be proud of it, but don’t complain when people give you exactly what you’ve asked for.

I would have to disagree that I got “quite a bit”. There were a few people who made suggestions. The only CONSTRUCTIVE help that I see is the person who said that the white links are hard to read.

As far as IE is concerned. I’m not going to waste my time with all the hacks that are required to make this site work in IE. Thus the warning at the top of the page. If it works, then it works. I’m not trying to sell anyone anything, and people aren’t required to come here. If they don’t like that I don’t hack around IE, or they don’t like the warning at the top. Then don’t come. It’s that easy!

I think that the only real compliments I got were from people who regularly visit my blog.

And lastly. I asked for feedback, not to get my ass ripped open because I personaly don’t like IE. This wasn’t a debate between IE/Firefox/Etc. It was for COMMENTS ABOUT THE THEME.

Well, apparently we’re reading two different threads over there at the WP forums, then, because I disagree about the number of compliments you received over there, and about the con crit.

Here’s something constructive – where’s your navigation? How do I get back to the main page of yor site without going up to my browser and changing the web address or hitting the back button a few different times?

i like the colors i think they are bright and cheery and i know which page is yours when i have 20 opened at once. and god forbid if this old fart can read 12 font, what the heck is wrong with everyone else are they drunk or high or something, or just stupid?

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