My Life

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We went shopping on Friday, it was way cool. I got some silverware that matches my dishes.

After shopping we all went to the beach, it was alright. We got a bit lost getting there, but whatever. We got there about 9ish, and apparently it closed at 9:30, the park ranger came down and was like, “I’m locking the gate.” and she turned around and started walking away. Well I wanted to ask her a question, so I started running and screaming, “HEY” really loudly. I ran out of the water and all the way up the beach (all the way screaming “HEY”) before I caught up to her, when she FINALLY turned around and said “My name’s not ‘hey’.” I wanted to punch her right there, the stupid bitch, how the hell did I know what your name was? Fuck you.

So after that we went back to beak’s house, showered and then went out for supper and a movie. I wanted to rent porn, but the place we went to didn’t have any good gay porn, so we just got somestupid shit. I fell a sleep like 15 minutes into the movie.

Saturday we got up way early and left. We got totally lost and ended up on the complete wrong side of town. Opps. Still we got David home on time.

The weekend was totally fun. I hope we can have another one again soon. There’s talk that perhaps David will come up here sometime and we can all hang out in Des Moines.

Today Adam and I went out shopping. I got some pots and pans that match my plates and some other stuff. I’ve spent so much money it’s not even funny. But I found some REALLY REALLY cool tables and lamps that I want. The second one. And here’s some salt and pepper shakers that I want.

So totally cool!

My Life


So yeah, Ramsey got the job at Krell, which is way cool. This should be a fun summer there. Mike Dorman was in the paper yesterday, you should all read about it.

Today’s consisted of nothingness. I had a final at 4:30, so I had signed up to check out at 3 from my room. I got there at 2:30 and went to knock on Sri’s door, he wasn’t home, so I hung out for a while and read the paper and shit. At 3 he still wasn’t there, so I did like he told me to yesterday when I talked to him. He said tha tif he wasn’t there to go down to the hall desk and turn in my keys and get things going there, so I went down there and the guy said that I couldn’t do that, I had to have my RA with me. So then I was like, well Sri’s not in his room and he told me to have you call someone if he wasn’t there, so could you do that, and he was like, “No, but you can wait tell after 7 and we can page someone then” now remember this is 3! Fucker, so I went back to my room and waited tell 3:20, Sri still wasn’t there, so I went downstairs and talked to Nicci the hall director, she was like, “OK we can call someone.” So then, I waited tell 3:30 tell they found someone that could do it, he came and we did the whole thing, went back to my room and he was like, “You need to clean such and such better” and I was really pissed by now and told him that “I already cleaned that damnit” he said “You didn’t do it well enough” I wanted to fucking punch him, cause there’s no way he could tell how clean it was, he didn’t touch it or anything, gwar. He just sucked at it totaly. Then he was like, when you get done with that come back down to the hall desk. So I did that and went back down there…

I got there and he was gone, the guy was like “He had something to do” So I had to stand around again waiting for them to find someone to come check me out, by this time I wanted to punch everyone one of the mother fuckers. God-Damnit. So along comes this girl… She’s like, so you need to check out, and she went though the whole thing that the last guy had just done…. I was like, he already did that, and she said “Oh” Dumbass. Then she went back to my room and told me to clean everything that the last guy had just told me to do and then some. I was like, I JUST FUCKING DID THAT, and she said that “well we have to make sure it’s clean” so off I want to get the cleaning shit again, and this time, I did it with her in there, so that the fucker dumbfuck could see that it was being cleaned. So I cleaned it all and then she was like, well this and this are broken, and I bitched at her about that shit cause it was like that when I moved the fuck in. God I wanted to just fucking punch her. ….

So even longer story short, I was late for my final.

I took my final then headed off to meet Adam at his house like we talked about yesterday. I got to the insterstate and called him. He said that he was “sick” and that I couldn’t come, I was like, thanks alot for calling and telling me that, so I hadn’t wasted my time driving to the interstate, but whatever, I just went to VWM and got my mum her Mothers Day Gift and I got myself this game called “Zoo Tycoon” It look amusing.

That’s all.