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We went shopping on Friday, it was way cool. I got some silverware that matches my dishes.

After shopping we all went to the beach, it was alright. We got a bit lost getting there, but whatever. We got there about 9ish, and apparently it closed at 9:30, the park ranger came down and was like, “I’m locking the gate.” and she turned around and started walking away. Well I wanted to ask her a question, so I started running and screaming, “HEY” really loudly. I ran out of the water and all the way up the beach (all the way screaming “HEY”) before I caught up to her, when she FINALLY turned around and said “My name’s not ‘hey’.” I wanted to punch her right there, the stupid bitch, how the hell did I know what your name was? Fuck you.

So after that we went back to beak’s house, showered and then went out for supper and a movie. I wanted to rent porn, but the place we went to didn’t have any good gay porn, so we just got somestupid shit. I fell a sleep like 15 minutes into the movie.

Saturday we got up way early and left. We got totally lost and ended up on the complete wrong side of town. Opps. Still we got David home on time.

The weekend was totally fun. I hope we can have another one again soon. There’s talk that perhaps David will come up here sometime and we can all hang out in Des Moines.

Today Adam and I went out shopping. I got some pots and pans that match my plates and some other stuff. I’ve spent so much money it’s not even funny. But I found some REALLY REALLY cool tables and lamps that I want. The second one. And here’s some salt and pepper shakers that I want.

So totally cool!

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