Welcome To Lincoln

So far the trip has been very fun shit! We got to Corning about 5:30 on Wed night and picked up David… Withholds drowling.

We drove back to Creston and went to some Chinese Buffet and then went to the theater next door. We were expecting to see Lilo and Stitch but they were playing MiB II, so we saw that instead. It was good cause there was a really hot gay boi working at the theater. After the movie we waited around in the lobby and talked to the gay owner. He was amusing.

From there we went back to Corning and out to some lake. We were going to go skinny dipping… Withholds drowling again. But when we got to the beach there were two little kids there. So we were like, we’ll we can wait tell they leave and then go…. Well more and more people kept showing up… About 10:00 it was finally dark enough and there was only another small group of people on the other side of the beach, we decided to go. We took off our clothes and stripped down to our underwear and jumped in. We waited a bit longer and the other people were finally leaving. Adam took off his underwear and was walking back up towards the beach to put them up there when another truck pulled up, and two guys got out…

They shined thier lights on us and said “We’re locking it down, you need to leave”

Fuckers, I wanted to go skinny dipping. But when we were getting out, David was wearing white briefs, and they showed off his ass, so nice. OMG!

So we got dressed and went to another part that doesn’t close, but there were people there. So we just hung out and talked.

We got back to Lenox about 12:00 and went to bed.

We left Corning about 12:00 the next day to head to Lincoln. The ride out was tons of fun. We got here about 2:30 and just hung out tell 7ish when we went to see fireworks and buy our own. That was funny shit. lol

The place we went to see fireworks is Waverly we went to like a ball park or something and sat right in the middle of people shooting off fireworks all around us.. Not just those little ones that stupid Iowans have. But the big fuck off ones that shoot up in the air like 100 feet. It was scary.

The actual fireworks was cool as well. After that we came back to her house and hung out tell like 3AM when we all went to bed. And yes, we went to bed.

That’s about it. We got up today around 12:00 and we’re going to go shopping here soon… But David’s still in the shower..

Oh, funny story, he went in there, and after a couple minutes opens the door, and you could tell he was naked and he asked “Are there any nude beaches around here?” lol…

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