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Well, I leave for a trip tomorrow, a trip across Iowa, so I won’t be back and updating tell Sunday. Perhaps Saturday if things go well. lol

I can’t wait to go. David called me and said that he can go now, so that’ll be three of us from Lenox to Lincoln. Good times.

Not much really happened today, it’s been very stressfull and I want to punch Nazanin. I swear she just gets more and more annoying as the days pass by. Today Barb’s computer went out. Now, if we would have implemented our plans, when we said to, all we would have had to do is reformat it, and boom, it’s all good, everything works. But nope, she didn’t want to do that. So well, it took all fucking day with her constanly coming in and fucking things up… Now even though we didn’t have the good way of doing things in place, if she would have just left me alone and let me do my job, well. It would have been done in two hours instead of 6 hours. Gwar. She just really fucked up my day.

Then I also had a COBOL assingment due tomorrow that I had started on tell today, cause well. That’s a different story, but yeah, I programmed it, and went to test it. I kept getting the same error over and over, and I didn’t know why. So I did some research and found that A) when you use a variable for math, you have to initialize it to ZERO before you can use it, she forgot to mention that, and B) the test data she gave us was mostly incorrect, even though she said it was all good data. Good as in, when I test it, it should all return TRUE, not false. Whore, so I just got done with that and once I’m done updating this I’m going to go and start on the program that’s due for Monday.

I’m thinking I’m going to take the laptop on the trip so that I can do some HW while I’m gone. We’ll see.

Laters all.

PS>> Happy B-DAY Beak!!

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