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Well, it’s official. I am now the proud renter of 402 S 5th St, Apt #151. I went in on Friday and signed the lease, I move in Aug 1. So if you have anything you want to give me, chairs, couches, tables, silver ware, plates, glasses, the list goes on. Hand it all over, eh. Cause I REALLY need it.

Melinda is going to try and find me an auction unit at Budget, cause you can usually get good shit out of those for cheap. So hopefully she’ll remember and things will be all good. They got some brand new black leather furniture there and two REALLY cool glass end tables. So yeah, I hope I can have a find like that.

So yeah, this weekend’s been really good. Friday night we went out with Jamie (One of Adam’s former teachers), and Mary. It was all good, I guess this was the first real exposure Jamie’s had with gay guys, it was really amusing cause Scott, Dustin, Dustin, Mike, Bruce, Mike (NO, really both Dustins and both Mikes were there) Mandy, Jessica, and a whole bunch of other lesbians and gay guys were around, it was great times. And the night was topped off when she spilled her smoothie in her lap and screamed “Oh, FUCK ME!” Good good times.

Saturday was good, but a little scary towards the end. Adam worked at 11, so I went home washed my car and did some random stuff. Then I went over there about 2ish and hung out with him on break. He got off at 4, and we went garage saling, but we couldn’t find any in Ankeny, so that sucked. Then we went to MHM, and parked next to Mike’s car, we tried calling him twice, but since he hates us, he didn’t call us back. We spent an hour just in the GAP trying on clothes and shit. Adam’s got some really cute shit now. The whore. I think I should work at a clothing store on the weekends, just for the hell of getting a discount. Perhaps A&E or something. I’ll need the money next semester.

After the Mall we tried calling people but no one would anwser, except James, but james wasn’t answering his phone, it was some yvonne bitch, who hung up on Adam. The whore. But he was staying with her, and couldn’t do anything, so we deicded to go to the south side…..

On the way there, everything was fine, but as we approached our destination, Adam’s car was acting all funny. So we got there, shut it off, and it died a horrid death. So Adam tried to restart it, and it wouldn’t restart. After a couple minutes of panic and heart attacks, it finally restarted, and we drove down the street to a QT. On the south side even. It was scary shit.

We got there and checked his fluids, the cars, not Adam’s. He was three quarts low on oil, and could have used some trans fluid as well. But they didn’t sell any of that. They also didn’t sell cigs, which was funny shit!

But we finally got it all working and drove back to Adam’s house and ate Italian Sausage Sandwiches, mmmm. I love those things.

Today he’s working again, and I have a COBOL program to do, so I’m going to go work on that now. Lates all!

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