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So today I’ve wanted to punch someone all fucking day long. Gwar. I get to work, I’m working on stuff, Nazanin comes in and asks “Have you done anything to Vermont.”
Me: “Yeah”
Her: “I knew you had something to do with it… Gary’s having a problem.”
Me: “What kind of problem.”
Her: “He can’t send e-mail.”
Me: “What’s the error message.”
Her: “I don’t know.”

Now, have you ever tried solving a problem when you don’t know ANYTHING about the problem. Gwar. So she went on… “Could you look through the logs and see if there’s any problem.”

So I did, went through all the logs minute by minute, for 20 minutes prior. Now I’m guessing you’ve never seen maillog logs, but everyminute on a busy system like ours, it prints between 50 and 100 lines. So I went through them all. And didn’t see a thing… All while she was standing there over my shoulder watching me.

When I told her I didn’t see anything, she said, “There has to be something there.” and proceeded to take the keyboard, while I was still typing on it. And did it herself. Now if she was just going to not accept what I said as the truth, then why the hell did she come in and ask _ME_ to fix it? I had alot of other work to do as well. Bitch.

So after about another 20 minutes of her looking through logs, she didn’t find anything either, so she wondered off to her office, without saying anything.

I, in the meantime, went off and fixed the problem by simply restarting the service that controls the flow of mail through the server. I went back and told her this, and she said. “What were you doing to Vermont.”
Me: “Installing updates.”
Her: “What kind of updates.”
Me: “Printer software, BIND, etc. Nothing that had anything to do with the SMTP server.”
Her: “Well one of those must have caused the problem.”

HOW THE HELL??? They had nothing to DO with the e-mail. Stupid stupid bitch. Why does she pay me to do work if she’s just going to question everything I do? Gwar.

So later in the day… She comes into my office with the vermont log file about a totally different thing and asks what an entry was. I said, “It’s nothing, just that this server couldn’t connect Fantasy to get it’s nightly DNS updates.”
Her: “Oh, well you may think it’s nothing but we have to understand what it means.”

HELLO? Did you not just hear me. I told you what it means! Gwar! Gwar! Gwar! Quadrule GWAR!

Stupid stupid bitch.

What does she have nothing better to do then to sit in her office and read through thousands and thousands of lines of error messages and scrutinize every last one of them? If you want to know so bad, go look it up yourself. It’ll be just what I told you it was, Bitch!

Ok, so around 3:30 she comes into my office. “Gary’s having the same problem, did you do anything with Vermont.”

Why does she automatticaly assume that I caused the problem, there’s HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of things that could have caused that problem.

I’m just pissy. Stupid bitch.

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